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Pedro Padilha represents HU in the $1,050 event at GGPoker World Festival Thursday

Pedro Padilha represents HU in the $1,050 event at...

Despite the Brazilian’s invasion of the $1,050 Thursday Throwdown, the champion of the GGPoker World Festival Championship remains Martín Piñeiro. As heads-up opponent of Pedro Padilha, the Argentinian increased his bankroll to $103,621. Meanwhile, the Samba man won $67,625.

Piñeiro started to trouble the Brazilian at the beginning of the decider. He survived the K♣Q 10 10 2♥ 6♥ hand with Q♥Q♣ against the A♥K♥ of Felipe Boianovsky and took all of his opponent’s chips.

In the 8-player tournament Felipe Morelli suffered a loss under “friendly fire”. Holding 6 6 ♣, he mock-shoved and then called a raise from Gustavo Lopes (“Vascão”), who held K♠K ♦. The 7♥2♣QCheck3CheckA♣ board didn’t surprise the recreational player from Brasilia, and he took down the pot.

After Padilha completed the elimination, the foursome consisted of three Brazilians, but Piñeiro never let himself be intimidated. He opened with A♥K♠, UTG, and then called Ivan Limeira’s 3-bet all-in. The player from Ceará then showed 7♥7♠ and caught the A♣ on the river.

Padilha chased Piñeiro and managed to double up against “Vascão,” leaving his compatriot with just 4 BBs. A few moves later, the São Paulo player hit two pair on a 9♠10♠3 flop with 10 3♠, cashing in Vascão’s all-in. With Q♠2♠, the short stack found no outs on the K turn and K♥ river.

The score was almost tied, and Padilha and Piñeiro faced each other for 30 minutes. Watch the final hand:

With blinds of 300,000/600,000 and an ante of 90,000, Padilha moved all-in and Piñeiro checked. When the flop came 4\5♣6♠, both finalists folded on the turn. On the K♠ turn, Piñeiro bet 1,380,000 and was called. Finally, on the river, Padilha put 3,312,000 in the middle of the table with the five and left with 5,873,492. Piñeiro then moved all-in for 28,599,008 and his opponent called with K 4♣. Piñeiro was crowned champion with 3♣2♦.

GGPoker had 762 registered participants to surpass the $600,000 guarantee for Thursday’s $1,050 Throwdown. Here’s how much each finalist won:

1. Martín Piñeiro (Argentina) $103,621

2. Pedro Padilha (Brazil) $67,625

3. Gustavo López (Brazil) $52,181

5. Ivan “uPayMyWedding” Limeira (Brazil) $21,224

6. “Happy-AYA” (Albania) $24,543

7. BarbasDoProfeta (Moldova) $17,909

8. Simon Lofberg (Austria) $19,625

9. Felipe “FelipeAA23” Morelli (Brazil) $15,984

10. Felipe “LisFlower” Boianovsky (Brazil) $22,631

Pedro Padilha represents HU in the $1,050 event at...

Latin American Amateur Poker League and 888poker

Latin American Amateur Poker League and 888poker

LATAM LEAGUE, our Latin American Amateur Poker League at 888poker, ends a great year with guaranteed prize money increases, more FREEROLLS QUALY tickets and finals (4 dates) January 7, 2024, $500 prize.

♠ Prizes⤵️

The top 20 rankings of this month, based on the final position added up on 4 dates, will receive the following Additional rewards.

1. – $109 into your 888Poker account. + League Champion interviews and features. 2nd and 3rd place – $22 goes into your 888Poker account. 4th – 5th and 6th – $16.50 into your 888Poker account. 7th to 10th – $8.80 credited to your 888Poker account. 11th – 20th – $3.30 into your 888Poker account.

♠ LATAM LEAGUE Mystery Bounty – December 2023 ⤵️

We cordially invite you to participate in the game hosted by 888Poker, designed for casual players from Latin America. What makes this league special is that it can only be played by users from the following countries: Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. The best part is more prizes are added every month.

Ranking and position table

♠More information ⤵️

Contains 4 dates per month , taking place on Sunday evenings in Latin America from 8:30 – 7:30 – 6:30 – 5:30 pm. Registration fee is $1, single repurchase is $1 (no surcharge), and there will be two (2) FREEROLLS QUALY satellites every Monday and Thursday from 8:30 – 7:30 – 6 p.m.:30 – 5 :30 p.m.

The registration password and all information can be found on the 888Poker LATAM Facebook page.

Here is the complete schedule for the entire tournament.

ENTER FOR FREE QUALY LATAM LEAGUE Mystery Bounty 1A – 60 entriesBuy: Free: Thursday, November 30th




1️⃣ LATAM LEAGUE Mystery Bounty 1 – $300 GTDBuy: $1 | Unlimited Repurchases x $1 | Sunday, December 10



2️⃣ LATAM LEAGUE Mystery Bounty 2 – $300 GTDBuy: $1 | Unlimited Repurchases x $1 | Sunday, December 17th



3️⃣ LATAM LEAGUE Mystery Bounty 3 – $300 GTDBuy: $1 | Unlimited Repurchases x $1 | Tuesday, December 26



4️⃣ LATAM LEAGUE Mystery Bounty 4 – $500 GTDBUY: $1 | Unlimited Repurchases x $1 | Sunday, January 7th


Points will only be awarded per LATAM LEAGUE Top 50 in the event. The points table is calculated according to the following formula based on the number of participants:Points are awarded only to the first 50 people per reservation. First place is worth 50 points, second place is worth 49 points, and so on until 50th place is worth 1 point.

If there is a tie at the end of the month, this tie criteria will take into account:

✅ Who went the furthest on the date. ✅ Who goes on the most dates. ✅ No matter who has reached the final table more times.

Latin American Amateur Poker League and 888poker

Carrasco Poker Series: Kaufman and Vieira lead the day’s action

Carrasco Poker Series: Kaufman handles main event,...

The Carrasco Poker Series had a great Friday at the luxurious Casino Carrasco in Montevideo. Yesterday, Day 1D of the Main Event concluded, while the High Roller began in Day 1A, with both events being successful.

The best of the fourth edition in the penultimate opening game of the main event was Brian Kaufman (cover photo). The Charrúa cracker collected 125,500 chips and led 15 players who advanced after one event with 23 entries and four $300 re-entries.

Viera (representing the national team) is the best of the five qualifiers for the High Roller.

With a $50,000 guarantee, the Main Event has been a success and will take place this Saturday. While there is still Day 1E Hyper Turbo, the realm has not yet been defined and registration is still open.

But I’m far from satisfied. The $800 High Roller also started yesterday with 38 entrants and 10 re-entrants. In the end, 5 players qualified, with Federico Viera being the best among them with 848,000 chips.

The High Roller is this Saturday at 1B While the winner won’t be announced until Sunday, more players are sure to sign up to take home the massive prize money from the tournament’s guaranteed $50,000.

Carrasco Poker Series – Main Event

Buy-in: $300

Entries: 169

Re-Enters: 69

Participants: 73

Chipcount Carrasco Poker Series – High Roller

Buy-in: $800

Entries: 38

Re-Enters: 10

Players participating in the match: 5

Carrasco Poker Series: Kaufman handles main event,...

Fabian Gumz wins Slovak WPT Prime title

Fabian Gumz wins Slovak WPT Prime title

The World Poker Tour doesn’t stop, continuing to bring the highest level of poker to the world. This time, the WPT Prime Slovakia Championship was held at Card Casino Bratislava. The competition was well attended and the winner went to Fabian Gumz.

The event has a total of six During the first flight, a total of 100,000 participants completed 732 registrations. The final prize pool is €702,720, distributed among the top 95 players in the event. The competition started on April 11th and continued until the 15th, when Gumz finally took the chips from all his opponents.

Day 2 began with 95 players cashing in and a total of 12 players reaching the final table. It was probably the longest day, with nearly 90 contestants eliminated in one day before the finalists could rest. Finally, the day ended with Jozef Komorny being eliminated in 10th place on the final table bubble.

As we got to the final table the emotions started to run high and the eliminations continued. Two players have already been eliminated in the first 15 hands: Alexey Mishuk and Lukasz Adamczewski . Dennis GerschenorenandEmil Bise followed soon after.

With only 5 players left, Fabian Gumz had to retire for the first time and eliminated Iulian Tataru. He would then also have Andras Martai out of the way, forming a third-hand with Jozef Cibicek and Maor Zaharagi.

Fabian Gumz wins Slovak WPT Prime title

David Tous gets off to a great start on the fourth and final day of the Irish Poker Open, which will be broadcast live

David Tous gets off to a great start on the fourth...

The Irish Poker Open is the oldest tournament in Europe and the second largest in the world after the WSOP ME, and it is undergoing a The second youth tournament between PokerStars and Paddy Power.

The classic of classics just surpassed its attendance record, even surpassing the melancholy online version that replaced live events during the pandemic and never reached more than 3,000 attendees.

Now it is divided into reality and virtuality, and is growing in both. The competition was held at theRoyal Dublin Society, the festival’s seventh venue, with a record 3,233 entrants contributing almost €1,000 of the€1,150 prize money EuroPayment is by cash.

Throughout the competition several Spanish players took part, some of whom also received prizes, such asCarlos Domínguez or “Kikuxo”. Who we can see online or live. The filmmakers show a special affection forAlex Romerowho often sits at the TV table and has a place in the organization room.

We were able to witness his departure. 37 Position (€8,300) when he defended the chip leader’s opening BB with 78 and tied top pair with 744 on a very dry board, while With not many blinds left, he can’t get away with solving AA, which can sometimes bring big stacks.

We have one goal left in the tournament, a very good one, from David Tous. He started the final day in second place, behind Finnish chip leaderTero Laurila. When it restarted, there were only 14 players left, and as of press time, there had been three new eliminations, but David’s position had not been weakened at all. Instead, he remained in hot pursuit of the Finn.

One of those who fell was Irish poker legend Padraig Parkinson, who never achieved so much in his life.

The guaranteed prize money for David and his opponents is now close to €30,000, and they are competing for the top prize of $415,615. You can follow the final table bubble and the FT itself on the Spanish PokerStars channel. We retain embedded YouTube channel signals and you can click on the link to open the video directly on their website.

David Tous gets off to a great start on the fourth...

CCP PixPoker: Giullyana Morais hopes to win the button

CCP PixPoker: Giullyana Morais wins 'Win The Butto...

CCP PixPoker Day 2 couldn’t have ended better. On the same day that Naomi Suassuna won the Series Main Event, CCP PixPoker also became the first woman to be crowned champion of the tour, ending the leg on a high note. This feat was achieved by Giullyana Morais.

Giullyana became the winner of the “Win the Button” at the end of the second stage of the Tour, becoming the first player to win the series. Accompanied by good friend Rodrigo Chiba, Giullyana moved into the ranks of the Tour champions with a fine victory in the final.

The player beat 77 players in the R$130 tournament and celebrated with R$2,300 in her account. Giullyana defeated a solid Marcus Vinicius in heads-up play to claim the title, and there was another female representative at the final table: Isa Almeida, who finished seventh, showing the strength of Natal women.

Giullyana celebrates the end of the stage for an unprecedented achievement in the best possible way: “This is the first time I have made money in a mixed tournament, before that I only made money in women’s tournaments. I’m happy, very happy Delighted. I really like this event and the girls who work here. I have nothing but thumbs up for the CCP. Of course, I will participate in every stage,” said the champion.

With Giullyana’s victory, the second stage of Natal CCP PixPoker has officially come to an end.

See your final table prizes:

1. – Giullyana Morais – R$ 2,3002nd place – Marcus Vinicius – R$ 1,5503rd Place – Lord Chell – R$ 1,0504th place – Flavia Crossman – R$ 8005. – Story Gomez – R$ 6206. – James Kelly – R$ 5007th Place – Issa Almeida – R$ 4008th Place – Rogerio – R$ 3009th place – Ernandes José – R$ 250

CCP PixPoker: Giullyana Morais wins 'Win The Butto...

Doug Polk and the Lodge Card Club’s Marathon

Doug Polk and the Lodge Card Club’s Marathon

Recently, Doug Polk announced that his streaming table numbers were abysmal. According to him, he lost about $400,000, but luckily the last meeting of Lodge Card Club went quite smoothly. It was an emotional session, with Nikhil Arcot completing one of the longest tank attacks in history.

Thanks to Bob Taras and the player is named Tesla. Holding K K , Taras ended up winning the $607,000 pot against Tesla, who made top pair with K Q on the flop of 8 Q 6 and defended it until the end. This ended up being the second largest pot in Lodge Card Club history.

607,000 POT! ! !

Second largest pot in Lodge Card Club history, @TarasBob has pocket kings against Tesla’s top pair!

— Lodge Card Club (@LodgePokerClub) March 18, 2024

But the funniest part is when Polk meets Tesla and his ruthless mania bet big with top pair. In this hand, Polk got a flush on the river and was able to advance thanks to his opponent’s all-in call.

While Polk was ahead, the flop came 8K 9. They bet $1,000 into a $4,200 pot with a 3 2 and a flush draw. Tesla increased the amount to $3,000, and Polk paid the fee. After a 4 on the turn, Tesla bet $11,000 heads-up, and Polk cashed in without hesitation.

After the 5 on the river, Tesla bet another $25,000 and Polk went all-in for $118,200. Tesla called with K 6 and once again his top pair wasn’t enough to win the pot.

The pot between @DougPolkVids and Tesla is $271,600 🤯

Doug has a flush draw against Tesla’s top pair. Can he do that on the river?

Watch the High Stakes Live:

— Lodge Card Club (@LodgePokerClub) March 17, 2024

Polk has $271,600 left in the pot. That’s not enough to get his $400,000 negative balance back under control, but at least he’s getting a little closer.

Doug Polk and the Lodge Card Club’s Marathon

WSOP Brazil: Leonardo Nishitani wins PLO title

Leonardo Nishitani is PLO Ring Championship Overal...

Another WSOP Brazilian champion was crowned Tuesday in the PLO Ring Championship. The two-day competition was “lightning-fast” and ended in just one day. In the end, it was Nit Poker Team expert Leonardo Nishitani who emerged victorious.

Leonardo hails from Campos Dos Goytacazes and focuses more on cash games, having made a short trip to town from Rio de Janeiro. Janeiro is looking for a ring in the championship series. The results are here! He beat 70 entrants in the R$2,000 buy-in tournament to win R$56,000 and the coveted gemstone.

“It’s very important to me.” At the moment I’m not in the tournament chasing rings or trophies, at the moment I have to have two or three trophies. I haven’t played many games and a ring means a lot, it’s every player’s dream. This is crucial for cash game players and it satisfies ego and other needs. We cash game players don’t have that because it’s more of a tournament player thing, reputation and stuff like that,” the champion said. Read more: Eduardo Fontenele talks about his career, the importance of Team Arrocha and his role in Team Arrocha The first experience of the WSOP Brazil

The player met some big names on his way to the championship. For example, in the final table, Rafael Telles, Rafhael Ramos, Lucio Antunes, Rogério Mota , Pedro Todorovic, Daniel Motta, Tales Alcântara and João Victor Boucinha were all eliminated.

“So it was a great tournament and we had an average of 60 big blinds. We looked at over 100 big blinds in cash games and I got this chip. The stacks were small and the final table went smoothly. Relations between these men were very strained due to high wage increases. Very high from the third to the second. By the 3rd hand, I was opening almost every hand, putting a lot of pressure on myself. I went into heads-up play, “5-1 up, and it was almost over, and it only took a few hands,” he said.

As a Nit Poker Team player, this kind of success is special to you. This was the period in Leonardo’s career when he reached the highest limits of cash games. He also thanked his friend, team coach Keck and his family:

“They are very important. I started playing for him when I played PLO400 and today I play PLO 3K. It has always been sailing .”I’ve been my head coach for a long time. Having a team present is important and sets the stage for where you go to study. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents who have supported me throughout my career and the people at Nit who gave me the opportunity to step into the mic and today I played the most expensive extreme. ”

View full awards:

1. Place – Leonardo Nishitani – R$56,000

Second place. Place – João Victor Boucinha – R$40,000

Third place. Location – Tales Alcântara – R$26,000

4 – Daniel Motta – R$20,000

5. – Pedro Todorovic – R$15,500

6. – Rogerio Motta – R$11,850

7. – Lucio Antunes – R$9,350

8. – Rafhar Ramos – R$ 7,250

9. – Rafael Telles – R$ 5,550

Leonardo Nishitani is PLO Ring Championship Overal...

KSOP GGPoker South America: Meet the Champions

KSOP GGPoker South America Big cash; look at the w...

On Wednesday (07), the KSOP GGPoker South America brought us a lot of excitement until the final moments of the event in Riocentro. These 15 days are filled with adrenaline, great prizes and many unforgettable events around the world. Review of the championship:

#01 Top 36Winner: Bruno PortoPrice: R$ 15,000

#02 Warm-upWinner: Rodrigo AnacorettoPrice: R$ 330,000

#03 HR Mysterious One DayWinner: Felipe OlivieriPrize money: R$ 379,500

#04 FreezeWinner: Bruno PortoPrice: R$82,100

#05 Daily TurboWinner: Raphael SaadPrice: R$ 13,000

#07 Bounty HunterWinner: Madson MoraPrice: R$ 28,100

#08 Kings TurboWinner: Sergio SerranoPrice: R$ 25,000

#10 Bounty Hunter HRWinner: Felipe MojavePrice: R$587,200

Felipe Mojave

#11 Mega StackWinner: Sergei UtenkovPrice: R$66,000

#12 PLO5 6-MaxWinner: Alexander PulaPrice: R$ 42,000

#13 Daily TurboWinner: Nilton SalewaPrice: R$ 12,500

#14 Super KOWinner: Juan ManuelPrice: R$ 48,800

#16 Kings TurboWinner: Matthews RomanoPrice: R$ 23,200

#18 Progressive KOWinner: Max RouseyPrice: R$ 345,500

#19 8 gamesChampion: Legend of AlcantaraPrice: R$ 48,000

#20 Bounty King DeepstackWinner: Alesen Santos Price: R$ 37,100

#21 Daily TurboWinner: Fred KonowitzPrice: R$ 13,500

#23 Kings TurboWinner: Wendell CaddellPrice: R$ 28,500

#24 Main EventWinner: Bernardo SetPrice: R$ 2,000,000

Bernardo Sette

#25 GG Daily SpecialWinner: Fred VianaPrice: R$ 60,000

#26 Super High RollerWinner: Ezequiel WeigelPrice: R$2,000,000

#27 FreezeWinner: Douglas FonsecaPrice: R$ 190,000

#28 Ladies EventWinner: Leia MenezesPrice: R$ 22,320

#29 Daily TurboWinner: Rico PiresPrice: R$ 13,500

#30 PLO KO 6-MaxWinner: Igor ResendePrice: R$ 37,200

Igor Rezende

#31 Kings TurboWinner: Juninho BarraPrice: R$ 30,000

#32 H.O.R.S.EMaster: Juventino Cantú Price: R$ 9,000

#33 Ultra StackChampion: Little MarioPrice: R$ 66,000

#34 High Roller for a DayWinner: Carlos RoquezPrice: R$ 210,000

#35 6-MaxWinner: Matheus RochaPrice: R$ 67,000

#36 PLO5 KOWinner: Milton MartiniPrice: R$ 45,000

#37 Daily TurboWinner: Pablo LottoPrice: R$ 14,500

#38 Kings TurboWinner: Raphael SaadPrice: R$ 30,960

#39 GG Mysterious MillionaireWinner: Arthur BalestriPrice: R$121,650

#40 Monster KO 8-MaxWinner: Luciano MacchiarelliPrice: R$229,200

#41 HR PLO5 Mysterious Progressive KOWinner: David WingsPrice: R$ 562,500

#42 Mega KOWinner: Eli FagundesPrice: R$ 30,000

Eli Fagundes

#43 Daily TurboWinner: Yann MutzPrice: R$ 12,500

#44 Kings TurboChampion: “shevii2k”Price: R$ 23,000

#45 Progressive KO 6-MaxWinner: Marco AurélioPrice: R$ 125,200

#46 Seniors (48+)Winner: Ricardo TenorioPrice: R$ 55,000

#47 Omaholic SHRWinner: Pedro NevesPrice: R$ 330,000

#48 Daily TurboWinner: William CestariPrice: R$ 14,000

#49 8-MaxWinner: Admilson CostaPrice: R$ 27,500

#50 Kings TurboWinner: Tainã MelchiorPrice: R$ 32,000

#52 High Roller One DayWinner: Claudio EzequielPrice: R$190,000

#53 Deep Stack (Turbo)Winner: Guillerme RamosPrice: R$ 46,000

#54 PLO Choice 4/5 Prog KOWinner: Axel RodrigoPrice: R$67,050

#55 Daily TurboWinner: Mario MirandaPrice: R$ 9,900

#56 Kings TurboWinner: Daniel NoronhaPrice: R$ 32,000

#58 Mysterious Prog KOWinner: Gustavo HonferPrice: R$ 174,000

#59 GG Speed ​​Racer HyperWinner: William MeloPrice: R$21,000

#60 Daily TurboWinner: Thiago WendelPrice: R$ 15,800

#62 PLO5 6-MaxWinner: Pedro FelipePrice: R$ 35,000

#63 Kings TurboWinner: Daniel NoronhaPrice: R$ 32,000

#65 High Roller Prog One Day KOWinner: Ozawa AyaoPrice: R$221,500

#66 GG Daily SpecialWinner: Andre Leon Price: R$ 31,500

#67 Omaha Short DeckChampion: Hen RosílioPrice: R$12,000

#68 Turbo KO 8-MaxWinner: William CestariPrice: R$ 58,600

#69 Daily TurboWinner: Vinicius de SouzaPrice: R$ 18,000

#70 Kings TurboWinner: Felipe ManzurPrice: R$ 27,000

#71 GG 1 millionWinner: Marcus SouzaPrice: R$157,500

#72 High Roller One Day TournamentWinner: Thomas KylePrice: R$ 182,500

#73 Turbo KO 7-MaxWinner: Ricardo LoyolaPrice: R$ 57,000

#74 Daily TurboChampion: Bruno BressanPrice: R$ 12,100

#75 Hybrid PLO Omaha Hi-Low 7-MaxWinner: Eric RasmussenPrice: R$ 16,500

#76 Kings TurboWinner: Leandro AndreazaPrice: R$ 27,000

#79 NLH KO 8-Max TurboWinner: Master FelipePrice: R$ 18,000

#80 High RollerWinner: Simon DiasPrice: R$ 670,000

#82 Daily TurboWinner: Federico LumpfingerPrice: R$ 14,500

#83 Main Event LightingWinner: Jose Artu RicciPrice: R$ 137,000

José Artur Ricci

#84 Kings Turbo Winner: Jorge PetronirioPrice: R$ 25,000

#85 Mysterious Monster KOWinner: Julian PinedaPrice: R$401,000

#87 GG Masters Freezeout TurboWinner: Leonardo DinizPrice: R$ 12,000

#88 Daily TurboWinner: Valdir CampodelPrice: R$ 13,250

#89 5 ticketsWinner: Paolo TassoPrice: R$ 7,100

#90 Kings TurboWinner: Carlos SanguinettiPrice: R$25,300

#92 HR LightWinner: Fernando GutierrezPrice: R$ 210,000

#93 NHL 8MaxWinner: Anthony TamperinPrice: R$ 40,000

#94 Freezeout KOWinner: Eduardo SilvaPrice: R$ 70,000

#95 Daily TurboWinner: Cláudio RochaPrice: R$ 12,900

#96 GG ExperienceWinner: Diego PandorfPrice: R$ 39,500

#97 Kings TurboChampion: Raphael TakedaPrice: R$ 38,000

#98 Mega KOChampion: Raphael TakedaPrice: R$ 53,000

#99 Deep StackWinner: Celso SirtoliPrice: R$ 50,000

#100 GG Last Chance TurboWinner: Wilson CapellgianiPrize money: R$ 35,000

KSOP GGPoker South America Big cash; look at the w...

Thomas Santerne had a magical Tuesday, earning $1 million

EPT Paris Super HR winner, forced retirement, GGMi...

Sometimes a poker player will see that everything goes well, and this will remain in his memory forever. That’s what happened to Frenchman Thomas Santerne this Tuesday, in a rather unusual situation between EPT Paris and GGMillion$ High Rollers, GGPoker’s most coveted high-stakes tournament.

Thomas last played in the High Roller on Sunday, day one of the €50,000 Super Event, choosing between live and online multi-table action. At the same time, the two-time GGMillion$ champion also signed up to participate in the online competition. In a virtual sense, he’s eligible for Tuesday’s playoff game. Then an incredible coincidence happened.

Santerne enters the final day of the most expensive event of the EPT Paris and is one of the finalists. Play started at 8am and continued into the afternoon, and to keep him in the mood, the online final table began with a valuable heads-up matchup with Chris Brewer, which Thomas had to miss.

Everything went well for the Frenchman on the field and he managed to overtake Brewer to claim his dream Super High Roller title and €889,480 in prize money. However, after the photo and interview process, the player came back to try to win the title online and gained 6 BBS.

The Frenchman held on, folding into JJ and entering the game as the always-skipping decision maker. All this persistence led to incredible achievements. Thomas made an incredible comeback, finishing second in the GGMillion$ High Roller.

He lost the title to Pedro Neves, who recently had a stellar showing at the KSOP GGPoker SA. The prize for second place is $225,709. When you add the two wins together, the insane routine the pro faced earned him over $1 million.

EPT Paris Super HR winner, forced retirement, GGMi...

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