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Did you know poker has its own Super Bowl?

Did you know poker has its own Super Bowl?

Today, the sports world is witnessing one of the most media-watched events of the year, American football’s Super Bowl, now in its 58th edition, featuring the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the San Francisco 49ers. But did you know that poker has its own Super Bowl?

Super Bowl of Poker In the 1980s, the $10,000 buy-in main event of the Super Bowl of Poker (SBOP), also known as the Amarillo Slims Super Bowl of Poker, was the second most prestigious poker tournament in the world. While the World Series of Poker (WSOP) attracts a larger audience, the SBOP has become an event reserved for professionals and enthusiastic amateurs.

The SBOP was born in 1979, spearheaded by the 1972 WSOP Champion Amarillo Slim It was created to meet the growing demand for more poker tournaments. The event was originally held at the Las Vegas Hilton and has since moved to other locations, including Reno and Lake Tahoe. This reflected the instability that ultimately led to the collapse of the 1991 tournament.

Although the SBOP has a top-heavy prize structure and gives a disproportionate share of the prize money to the first-place finisher; its appeal lies in its challenge and tradition. Not only do participants receive cash prizes, they also receive personalized Amarillo Slim gifts that become increasingly luxurious over time.

Six of the 13 SBOP Main Events, as well as numerous qualifiers, were won by players who voted later. Inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. The 1990 SBOP final table included talent like T. J. Cloutier, Chip Reese, Stu Ungar, Jack Keller and 1992 WSOP Main Event Champion Hamid Dastmalchi. However, the 1986 2-7 Lowball event was one of the most challenging, as the three finalists are all Hall of Famers and have a combined 27 WSOP bracelets.

Stu Ungar Makes SBOP History

A three-time WSOP Main Event Champion, Stu Ungar holds the title of the only three-time SBOP Main Event Champion. His influence helped cement the SBOP’s status as an elite tournament, especially with his back-to-back wins in 1988 and 1989.

Stu Ungar is a three-time Super Bowl winner in poker.

Eye-Catching Giveaways

One of the hallmarks of the SBOP is the personalized gift the Amarillo Slim winner receives. The first-year gift was a pair of custom cowboy boots worth $3,000, but as the event grew, so did the value. [7] In 1980, trophies were awarded to the winners. SBOP Main Event winner Gabe Kaplan described it as “a trophy so huge that the colorful gold bracelets awarded to World Series of Poker winners don’t look impressive.”

Did you know poker has its own Super Bowl?

Scott Ball leads 49th place in qualifying for Day 3 of KSOP South American High Roller Event

Scott Ball leads 49th place in qualifying for Day...

With just a few eliminations remaining before the ITM bubble burst in the KSOP GGPoker South America 80: R$10,000 NL Hold’em High Roller, American Scott Ball took the lead. The two-time WSOP champion currently has 1,555,000 in chips, while Pará’s Elvis Renan has 1,450,000.

The rest of the top 10 is made up entirely of Brazilians. Of the 49 players on the third day of qualifiers, 32 were domestic players. The majority of the team is made up of professionals who have achieved several significant results in live and online high roller events.

Other international stars are also in the field, including legendary British grinder Benny Glaser. Known for his success in mixed game tournaments, he will have 260,000 in chips when he returns to Riocentro Filz in Barra da Tijuca.

Event 80 had a total of 434 participants and triggered a guarantee of R$ 3,000,000. The massive prize pool will be divided among 44 contestants, each of whom will receive at least R$20,000.

Play will resume at 2:00pm (Brasília time) with blinds set at 5,000/15,000.

Number of chips

1. Scott Ball 1,555,000

2. Elvis Renan 1,450,000

3. Andre Sa 1,035,000

4. Cao Almeida 995,000

5. Simon Dias 995,000

6. Leandro Gomez 895,000

7. Rafael Tabarin 880,000

8. Rodrigo Anacoretto 770,000

9. Luis Enrique Doneles 755,000

10. Paul Enrique Drucsian 750,000

11. Hugo Sebastian Nazar 735,000

12. Hermogenes Gelonezi 730,000

13. Thiago Tsukamoto 705,000

14. Leandro Zavodini 700,000

15. Turner Oliveira 680,000

16. Tomas Garcia 615,000

17. Luis Gustavo Camé 605,000

18. Ozawa Saiou 575,000

19. Leonardo Tarazona 575,000

20. Lucas Correa 565,000

21. Leandro Bustillo 545,000

22. Renan Buriti 540,000

23. Alejandro Sterling 535,000

24. Nero Neto 530,000

25. Rafael Daoria 470,000

26. Blas Torres 460,000

27. Giuseppe Carlio 440,000

28. Gabriel Schroeder 435,000

29. Daniel Almeida 405,000

30. Jose Krober 390,000

31. Felipe Senna 385,000

32. Alex Magalhas 370,000

33. Dario Guzman 360,000

34. Eduardo da Silva 355,000

35. Ivo Gerber 350,000

36. Luciano Macchiarelli 300,000

37. Luis Felipe Andrade 290,000

38. Ezequiel Pravnik 290,000

39. Benny Glaser 260,000

40. Luis Rodolfo Gonzalez 250,000

41. Marlon Pinto 240,000

42. Juan Ignacio Repetto 235,000

43. Ezequiel Ferretti 225,000

44. Kara Pas 180,000

45. Jean-Christophe Ferreira 175,000

46. Raphael Kaliman 170,000

47. Caocamago 150,000

48. Gregory Fabio 135,000

49. Matheus Rocha 125,000

Scott Ball leads 49th place in qualifying for Day...

Streamer completes challenge to increase balance from $100 to $10,000

Streamer Overcomes Challenge to Increase Balance f...

One of the fun ways to use your credits is through challenges. The human brain tends to work better with clear goals, and is motivated by setting target numbers (which is certainly possible in reality), so the desire for challenge increases.

Pro Michel Golfe, who works as a coach on the Titan Poker team, decided to host a bankroll challenge to inspire his students and viewers and prove Through discipline and study, you can make progress. Michel started last June 29 with a $100 bankroll and a goal of reaching $10,000

That’s exactly what he did on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, 185 days after the challenge began. Via Twitch broadcasts and YouTube videos, Michel shares insights, ideas, and competition strategies during games; his last stream had over 400 live viewers.

A fourth place finish in the $25 Special Bounty Edition of GGMasters earned him $1,762, helping him reach his ultimate goal. Michelle opened champagne during the live broadcast to celebrate. “You gotta celebrate it, man. It’s an accomplishment. It’s hard work for a c******. You gotta celebrate the taste of victory. It took 185 days. In the meantime I even did had surgery[. ..] Those who study hard and put in the work will eventually reap the rewards and that’s what I want to show with this challenge. It’s about dedication, about going the extra mile and making a living,” he said after completing the challenge. Michel’s challenge is over, but if you want to see something similar to Pokerstars, you can focus on micro and low-level content. Reg Life, led by Yuri Martins, is running a Stake challenge.

Streamer Overcomes Challenge to Increase Balance f...

Breno Helono is the $530 Bounty Builder HR winner

Breno Helono is the $530 Bounty Builder HR winner

Despite the lack of players, Brazil continues to dominate online MTTs. The country got a doubleheader on Thursday in one of PokerStars’ flagship tournaments, the $530 Bounty Builder HR.

Winner Breno “boraodota” Heleno took home $15,998, while runner-up Paulo “paulinhoo00” Brombim took home $7,263

In the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR competition , Gustavo Medeiros singled out of the game. Riders on the “Gremio CEM” account earned a total of $9,255.

Meanwhile, Felipe “nophilings” Phil fielded 1,902 players and earned $6,067 in the $27 Daily Knockout.

Also on PokerStars, Breno “Breno2728” Drumond won $5,695 after beating 1,514 players in the $33 Bounty Builder.

Breno Helono is the $530 Bounty Builder HR winner

Forty concurrent tables? Sean Deeb said: “Easy.”

Forty concurrent tables? Sean Deeb said:

In the Freaky Friday reveal on 888Ride YouTube, 6 World Series of Poker bracelet owner ShaunDeeb takes a nostalgic trip back to his The glory days of online poker. This player talks about a truly amazing feat: playing on over 40 tables simultaneously during his heyday as a numbers grinder!

On the show, Dib admitted to being one of the pioneers of the art of “multi-table gaming.” to exaggerated proportions. He attributes his ability to handle this madness to his mental agility and ability to process information quickly. “Maybe it was my ADHD, but as a kid I competed in math competitions and did quick calculations. I processed information very quickly and talked very fast. At that point I just kept checking,” Deeb shared.

Shaun Deeb’s live winnings bring him to just over $12 million in earnings and six WSOP bracelets.

The player emphasized how his mental abilities gave him a unique advantage at the poker table. “I make decisions very quickly and I have a strong ability to remember my opponents’ patterns at the table. I can tell you how each player played, which hands they played and who they played against. ….. “This has gotten me to the final table. “Number one, I would bet against this, et cetera. I have a lot of ability to do that,” Deeb said.

When the interviewer asked him if he could take advantage of his opponents by playing 40 tables, Deeb gave a resounding “yes”. He revealed that he has a very different range for each player and can quickly tell who is tight and who is playing loose, who likes 3-bets and 4-bets, and uses unique strategies to stay ahead.

Deeb ended the conversation by emphasizing how he simplifies his decisions, noting that he plays more efficiently than most. “I realized I was simplifying my decisions. Later, Sit & Go players started doing this (…) I played millions of hands, while most people played 100,000 hands,” Deeb shared.

Conclusion: In addition to his online poker achievements, Deeb also announced that he will bet Bill Perkins on his 2024 body fat percentage.

Forty concurrent tables? Sean Deeb said:

ME WSOP Day 8 Results

Pridrick marks fifth ME WSOP and other World Serie...

The main plot – who will be the new 2023 World Series champion – will be resolved tonight. Unless, of course, a repeat of the 10-plus hour heads-up match between Tony Miles and John Cynn in 2018.

Three players remain in the tournament, Jones Stevens, Adam Walton and Daniel Weinman. Determining the winner is sure to be tedious and impressive. The stacks are pretty deep: the short stack is 83BBs and the chip leader is 119BBs.

The hope of the entire Russian-speaking community – Ukrainian Ruslan Pridrik – came fifth. Despite being short-stacked, he missed several key pei jumps and lost the tournament pre-flop.

Ruslan bets on Weinman. The flop brought two cards to the American: . Only one of the four kings on deck helped the Ukrainians. The turn came – slightly increasing Ruslan’s chances of strengthening and doubling down to a full house, but the river was . This concludes our players’ participation in the WSOP.

Ruslan’s poker tournament winnings are just over $500,000 for a total prize pool of $2,400,000.

“Entry for Life” or $200,000?

When the WSOP was announced, organizers promised $10,000 worth of “lifetime entry” to the Main Event. However, the “lifespan” isn’t that long – you can play the game for free for 30 years. The draw is simple: Organizers choose a main event participant at random. It turned out to be Canadian Jason Clark, who didn’t make it into the event’s awards.

Now he can play in the main game of the World Series for free until 2053, provided he lives another 30 years. This award cannot be transferred, given or exchanged for cash.

There has been a lot of discussion on social media about this topic. Specifically, given the choice, what would the winner choose: 30 years of free Main Event or $200,000 in cash. Judging by the votes, not everyone is convinced that the ME WSOP will make it to the ITM – over 60% would opt for cash.

Pridrick marks fifth ME WSOP and other World Serie...

EPT: Pablo Brito finishes third in €10,000 NLH event

Pablo Brito loses a flip in the final straight to...

The Brazilian team’s first major final table at the latest EPT in 2023 ended with a brilliant performance by star player Pablo Brito. The pro came close to winning the €10,000 NLH title at EPT Prague, but was stopped in the final stages of the event and had to collect the token bronze medal.

“pabritz” lost the decisive victory in the competition. Flip was eliminated in third place among 35 contestants after a 3-person draw. Despite this, the Brazilian received great value during his campaign: the bronze medal earned the 9Tales star €52,600.

The Brazilian entered the final table with the third-best chip stack and held on until the end. Pablo burst the money bubble even as the race was already in the Financial Times, knocking out eighth and seventh place in a row. Then, at ITM, the Brazilian went through his toughest period.

In the 5-max game, Pablo Brito ended up losing some good pots and dropped from second to last in chips. He patiently managed to recover and even retired two other competitors before crashing. After 3 hands and just three finalists, the Bahian saw a flip to end his final table.

With 16 blinds, “pabritz” 3-bet/all-in with his AK and ended the tournament with 99 points for Dutchman Michel Molenaar. The K59A5 board kept things exciting until the turn, but confirmed the Brazilian’s defeat and finished third in the championship.

Pablo Brito loses a flip in the final straight to...

Joasegur Wins PokerStars Mid-Stakes Madness and Takes Victory in Rio

Joasegur Wins PokerStars Mid-Stakes Madness and Ta...

Yesterday was Day 10 of Mid-Stakes Madness presented by PokerStars. Seven new events have come to an end, with Brazil winning half of them and leading the standings. France held on to zero points, which allowed us to climb up to second place alone in the medal table.

Spanish Victory in MSM

Our only victory at the festival was that of Joasegur in the MSM-59 5 €. He won €1,779.10.

La Roja missed several one-on-ones that would have tied the score with Tuesday night’s big winner, Brazil.

Mid-Stakes Madness Overall Rankings

After 64 events, Brazil continues to dominate Rankings by Country, ahead of Spain:

Monday’s Spanish winner

La Rojawon a total of 18 MTTs. These are the Spanish winners:

  1. “killer_AA77” (PKO €5).
  2. “PRIMEBENZHA” (PKO Turbo €5).
  3. “robicig3838” (PKO €30).
  4. “sacociemo” (PKO 3€). *
  5. “arias35” (PKO €10).
  6. “Richarfish” (SuperStack €5).
  7. “murucheck” (Ultra KO €20).
  8. “flacofeivor” (PKO €50).
  9. “joasegur” (MSM-59 €5).
  10. “elvoo1970” (PKO 1€).
  11. “babyfiss” (daily Omaha €10). *
  12. “yuryell” (SuperStack €2). *”yuryell” (SuperStack €2).
  13. “babyfiss” (Omaha H/L €10). *
  14. “karkaDuRR” (bounty generator 5€).
  15. “Matador026” (SuperStack Turbo €10).
  16. “monaguillo97” (Midnight Express €20) ).
  17. panagripa1″ (PKO 1€). * “panagripa1” (PKO 1€).
  18. “CB3KALVO” (PKO 5€).

Joasegur Wins PokerStars Mid-Stakes Madness and Ta...

Brazilian enters Day 2 of WSOP Paradise High Roller Event

Yuri Martins and Renan Bruschi enter Day 2 of WSOP...

The WSOP High Roller in Paradise got off to a great start for Brazilian players in the Bahamas. There were 134 registered players at the end of the first day, with 59 players remaining, and of the three players from the country who registered for the $10,000 buy-in, two players qualified for the final day.

Yuri Martins is the biggest bright spot for Brazil. The holder of four WSOP bracelets ended the first day with 417,000 in chips, the third-largest stack in qualifying behind France’s Jean-Noel Thorel (444,000) and Canada’s Jamil Wakil (who had an impressive of 1,175,000 chips).

Renan Bruschi also qualified for day two of the High Roller. He ended the first day in 15th place with 187,000 chips, while Samba Team partner Pedro Padilha did not enjoy the same success as his compatriots and bowed out of the tournament on the first night.

Other stars heading into Day 2 include recent NAPT Las Vegas Super High Roller winner Jesse Lonis (327,500), Shaun Deeb (190,000) with 6 bracelets; Daniel Negreanu (89,000). Earned 6 bracelets.

Day 2 starts at 5:00 PM Brazil time. Delayed registration is available until then. Blinds are 1,000 / 2,500 and play continues until a winner is determined.

Yuri Martins and Renan Bruschi enter Day 2 of WSOP...

Las Vegas casino owner buys NBA team

Casino owner buys NBA team

NBA basketball has something to do with glamour, gambling and casinos. From famous plays by Golden State Warriors players to bets made by league icon Michael Jordan. Now, the relationship is getting even closer as the owner of multiple Las Vegas casinos and a media companywill acquire a majority stake in the North Texas-based Dallas Mavericks.

The investment was led byMiriam Adelson, the widow of Las Vegas Sands casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, who died in 2023. Mark Cuban, the team’s owner, sold a controlling stake worth $3.5 billion to the Adelson family. The sale, which was publicized by The Athletic media, allows Cuban to retain control of the Mavericks’ athletic decisions.

The deal has not yet been confirmed by either party, although a notice has been confirmed by US media, citing Las Vegas Sands financial regulator Adelson & Company. The company announced it would sell shares for $2 billion. According to the agreement between the parties, the proceeds will be used to”finance the majority of acquisitions of professional sports franchises.”

Now is the time, and the deal must be approved by the league Approval, which may take several weeks. The deal must then be approved by the NBA’s Board of Governors.

Casino owner buys NBA team

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