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Leizzarrague wins High Godzilla

Leizzarrague wins High Godzilla

After two days of play, the 300K High Godzilla at Madero Poker concluded in the early hours of Wednesday morning and was defined by the title Diego Leizzarrague.

Last day continues It took 15 hours until Leizzarrague came out victorious and beat Alan Raymundo in a heads-up match for $4,293,894, taking home the$7,060,815 grand prize. Meanwhile, Pablo Faraldo rounded out the podium with $2,870,250.

This is the Premium Final Table Godzilla 300K.

The $300,000 buy-in tournament featured 86 entries and distributed $22,962,000 among the top 13 players. The prize pool is for Ignacio Assef, who eliminated the tournament’s bubble.

Final Table Formed before the dinner break, so the nine finalists headed to dinner and back for a grueling battle that ended with Leizzarrague’s crowning.

Preceded by Eduardo Acosta (10th, $516,645), Agustin Lordi (11th, $470,721) and Diego Justo has cashed in(12th, $470,721) and Jorge Gonzalez(13th, $447,759) has lost.

High Godzilla 300K

Buy-in: $300,000

Entries: 86

Pot: $22,962,000Final Ranking

1. Diego Lezzarag – $7,060,8152. Allen Raimondo – $4,293,8943° Pablo Faraldo – $2,870,2504° Lionel Inko – $1,997,6745° Christian Gongora – $1,481,0496° Diego Penoni – $1,148,1007° Esequiel Ordoñez – $895,5188° Sergio Castellano – $711,8229° Roberto Oscar Fortunato – $597,01210° Eduardo Acosta – $516,64511°Augustin Lodi – $470,72112° Diego Justo – $470,72113. Jorge Gonzalez – $447,759

Leizzarrague wins High Godzilla

João Pedro Rocha finishes 5th at APT Online Event 9

João Pedro Rocha finishes 5th at APT Online Event...

Brazilian João Pedro Rocha’s hard work started early this Monday the 20th. Returning to GGPoker for Event 9: the $1,500 NL Hold’em 8-max decider, he bowed out of contention for the title in fifth place. Riders with the account “JotaLeclerc” earned a total of $34,626.

At the PokerStars tables, Brazil tops the $109 Sunday Million PKO playoffs. “Bruo.Godoy2” finished in sixth place, earning $14,379, while “gahdukatti” finished fourth, earning $32,264.

The winner also missed out on the $22 Mini Sunday Million jackpot. Finishing in third place out of 6,537 entrants, “Capitao1987” increased his bankroll to $5,051.

Later, in the $11 Sunday Storm, “jgfilippo” lost heads-up play and took home $7,064.

João Pedro Rocha finishes 5th at APT Online Event...

Luca Romano wins Mini Bounty Builder HR worth $55

Luca Romano wins Mini Bounty Builder HR worth $55

The Brazilian flag once again appears atop the podium of the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR. In yesterday’s Brazilian Tag Team match, Luca “lucaromanoo1” Romano was declared the champion and took home $14,232. Second runner-up Michel “michel-mica-” Antunes earned $9,666.

In Bounty Builder $33, Alan “drolator710” Helfenstein rounded out the podium and took home a $6,755 elimination bonus.

In the $109 Bounty Builder, account holder “Mrpecoo” went gold, winning $5,816.

In the end, Matheus “M Cunha G” Cunha bested 448 entries in the $55 Daily Supersonic to win $4,198.

Luca Romano wins Mini Bounty Builder HR worth $55

Grassi leads Day 1B, second chance to be determined today

Grassi leads Day 1B, second chance to be determine...

The big action of the Second Chance tournament begins as the highlight of CAP Buenos Aires finalizes The second chance at a tournament that no one wants to miss happens in the Madero Poker room.

With a buy-in of $130,000, half of the Main Event, this was the second and final first event of Day 1B, with the top performers beingMarcos Grassi, who topped the list of 32 qualifiers, survived with 16 30-minute games.

Grassi has 410,000 chips and is currently fifth in the standings, ahead of Fridayleader Walter Osella > Day 1A.

Finally, there will be a regrouping this Sunday so the 32 qualifiers from the second flight plus the 21 remaining players from the first flight will be seated at the table, or 53 Players compete to win the tournament, and CodigoPoker is reporting live.

The game will continue at level 17 at 2.30 with blinds of 5,000/10,000 and a big blind of another 10,000, and play will continue until a new champion is produced.

Number of Second Chance Players: Walter Osella – 661,000 Yoel Bianchini – 481,500 Washington Alberto Diaz – 480,500 Carlos Herrera – 476,000 Marcos Rodriguez Grassi – 410,000 Javier Zaldo – 360,000 Alexis Romero – 322,000 Roberto Bianchi – 310,00 0 Carlos Mast Ronaldi – 298,000 Eduardo Abarca – 288,500 Angel Di Salvo – 282,000 Hugo Alma – 280,000 Mateo Tojo – 270,000 Juan Ignacio Roldan – 263,000 Mali Arno Hayon – 256,000 Walter Retamal – 242,000 Diego Justo – 218,000 Fernando Di Francesco – 215,000 Mario Nisi Foro – 215,00 0 Eli Job Mas Ruby – 214,500 Luciano Levenstein – 202,000 Alexis Martinez – 187,000 Nicolas Palma Jaref – 183,000 Sebastian Gayoso – 178,000 Fernando Cabezón – 174,000 Franco Mihael Oleksieff – 170,500 Julian Gianozzi – 164,000 Patricio Tarrini – 159,000 Manuel Peron – 158,000 Daniel Banchero – 1 51,000 Diego Diaz – 150,000 Daniel Quintana – 148,000 Martin Rodriguez – 142,000 Francisco Pichonriviere – 140,000 Agustín Alonso – 139,000 Facundo Wheeler Gass – 138,000 Salvador Balbo – 131,000 Claudio Sasaki – 127,500 David Vazquez – 121,500 Juan Manuel Garcia Lopez – 114,000 Luis Cabrera – 110,00 0 Diego Annalatone – 110,000 Mauricio Antuna – 100,000 Diego Villar – 98,000 Hector Delgado – 94,500 Gabriel Bafegui – 91,000 Aramis Bonzi Nicolás – 87,000 Pablo Bordino – 86,000 Alberto Sciarrocchi – 74,000 Lali Bustamante – 70,000 Aker Pedro – 70,000 Valentin Zardo – 64,000 Julio Cesar Godbert Toledo – 62,000

Grassi leads Day 1B, second chance to be determine...

Elias Neto is the winner of Tuesday’s $150 Classic

Elias Neto is the winner of Tuesday’s $150 Classic

The country’s grinders have once again amassed titles in online MTTs. Elias Neto announced the winner of Tuesday’s $150 Classic on Tuesday. While he earned $14,745, “sirius-” took home the bronze medal and $8,630 in bonuses.

Meanwhile, “SmithLogan” topped the podium in the Bounty Hunter Daily Main Event for $54. He was selected from 4,259 entrants and took home $16,064.

Not long after, Luis Henrique Dorneles won $12,328 in the site’s top PKO event, with Bounty Hunter HR taking home a $525 victory.

Marcelo “MasesNeto” Aziz also won on GGPoker. In the Daily Heater $215 [Bounty Turbo], he defeated 176 opponents and earned $8,630.

Elias Neto is the winner of Tuesday’s $150 Classic

Argentina’s Jacques Blit wins 2023 Malta Grand Prix

Argentina's Jacques Blit wins 2023 Malta Grand Pri...

Argentinian Jacques Blit won one of the most important events of the MILLIONS Malta Festival: the Grand Prix, with 2,237 entries worth €400 and a guaranteed prize pool of €1,000,000.

The tournament took place at the Portomaso Casino in Malta from September 23 to October 3, with the final table consisting of 6 players from Italy. Jacques started the final with the second largest stack and defeated Marcello Favaloro in the final to win his first title outside of South America.

This Huracan fan took first place and won the biggest prize of his career: €145,000 ($152,376). This is his second cash prize at the festival, as he also finished 20th in the main event, the MILLIONS 3K, for €7,210 ($7,576). In live tournaments, he has wins at the LAPT, BSOP, CAP, WSOP Uruguay and the Enjoy Poker Tour, where he won two side events last year. With his performance in Malta, he increased his live tournament winnings to $231,000 and climbed to 122nd on Argentina’s all-time money list.

Argentina's Jacques Blit wins 2023 Malta Grand Pri...

Short was finally able to celebrate winning his first world title bracelet.

Short was finally able to celebrate winning his fi...

Shannon Shorr celebrated one of his most memorable wins in recent years, winning one at the 2021 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open (SHRPO) game.

Veteran American pro Shannon Shorr notched his first win at a World Series of Poker (WSOP) event, winning the $2,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Max tournament early Monday morning. The online version of Event No. 17 serves as the platform. Shorr earned $89,125 after defeating fellow player Max Coleman in a heads-up match;

Short was finally able to celebrate winning his fi...

Cade Farias is WCOOP Main Event Lower Level Champion

Cade Farias dominates final table, earns low score...

The WCOOP Low Main Event is the most democratic of the three editions of the series’ flagship event, as it has a $109 buy-in. As a result, thousands of players compete with the sole dream of becoming a champion. Considering the number of Brazilians present, the end result would have been no different. Cade Farias, star of the Brazilian CardRoom poker team, took the win.

The environmental engineer from Chapeco, Santa Catarina, where such luminaries as Carlos Rox and André Berlanda A city made history. The Brazilian scene now has a WCOOP Main Event Champion. Cade, aka “CadeMito,” followed in the footsteps of his friends at CardRoom and beat out 27,184 entrants to earn everlasting glory and take home a cool $257,039 in heads-up play.

Cade entered the final table with the second largest chip stack and quickly added to his stack. With multiple players falling and salary jumps becoming easier, the star is on his way to the biggest win of his career.

So , the game has entered heads-up, and the Brazilians have achieved good results along the way. His last opponent was Maltese player “Goonie Tot” who sold himself a costly victory in an exciting battle, although the financial settlement was very favorable for both parties.

At one point in the game, Cade was “Goonie Tot”. The bluffing “Tot” went all-in and lost with a straight. The “decisive” hand, however, was the penultimate hand. With KJ, the Brazilian hit two pair on the river on the K592J table, while his opponent had two pair for 92. The result was that the Maltese got a slice.

The game continued, and two hands later, Cade came on “Goonie Tot” to be crowned the champion after going all-in preflop for 88 against his opponent A2. The board was a smooth 952K7, and the Chapeco native made history on the PokerStars tables by becoming the Main Event Low Card Champion.

Cade Farias dominates final table, earns low score...

With millionaire prizes in hand, Kleinman and Petrone carried the Argentinian flag in the WSOP Online Main Event.

With millionaire prizes in hand, Kleinman and Petr...

Ezequiel Kleinman earned a memorable bronze medal at the end of the WSOP Online.

Argentinian players Ezequiel Kleinman and Ramiro Petrone put in stellar performances at the closing ceremony of the Central Championship, the virtual edition of the World Series on GGPoker. Kleinman reached the third level of the podium and earned $1,524,414, the highest winnings for any player in the Tango Land online tournament. Petron, on the other hand, finished in 4 hands for $1,128,331, a career-best win. Bert Stevens of Belgium won the historic $2,783,432 title after defeating Li Yagen of China in a heads-up match. The Asian finished second with $2,059,058.

Stevens won the most coveted bracelet at the virtual edition of the World Series on GGPoker.

This Tuesday marks the end of the marathon Main Event of the World Series of Online Poker (WSOP), a festival that has brought together the international poker elite in recent weeks. Millions of dollars in prize money are at stake, including $2,783,432 reserved for the winner, the highest payout in a tournament played on screen; a definition that includes the likes of Austrian Lukas “rustyhusky” Hafner Sharks such as Ireland’s Simon “LLinusLLomu” Wilson; Chinese player Yagen “suuisui” Li and Belgian player Bert Stevens who currently lives in Austria.

Ramiro Petrone finished fourth in this historic WSOP event to earn his best cash payout to that date Online Story Conclusion.

In this first-rate cast, Latin America is represented with a Río de la Plata accent, as Argentinians Ezequiel “Be Myself” Clayman and Ramiro Petrone is charged with representing the region in the main bracelet battle for the 2023 edition of WSOP Online. Kleinman successfully reached the third level of the podium and collected $1,524,414 in prize money as he made history as the Tango Land-born grinder finished higher in an online tournament bonus. Petrone, who lived in Uruguay for some time, ran out of chips in a four-max tournament and took home $1,128,331; becoming the best finisher in the history of this type of tournament figure.

The championship was won in a duel between Bert Stevens of Belgium, who currently resides in, Austria and ChinaLi Yagen. The European player turned things around, confirming what was then a 5-1 lead and winning a historic $2,783,432 in prize money and a gold bracelet. However, the runner-up’s prize of $2,059,058 is cause for celebration. The tournament has a $5,000 buy-in, 6,023 entries and a prize pool of $28,609,250.


Bert Stevens won the most important bracelet of the tournament series.

We conclude the review with the payment details of the WSOP Online Central Championship finalists:

Master: Bert Stevens (Belgium/Austria) $2,783,432No. 2nd place: Yagen ‘suisui’ Li (China) $2,059,0583. Location: Ezequiel “Be MySelf” Kleinman (Argentina) $1,524,4144th place. Location: Ramiro Petrone (Argentina/Uruguay) $1,128,3315. Location: ‘KingAlexMVP’ (Unknown – Russia) $835,3046°: ‘UltDeKunst’ (Unknown – Netherlands) $618,4077th Place :Lukas ‘rustyhusky’ Hafner (Austria) $457,865Eighth Place: ‘faaaab’ (Unknown – Philippines) $339,0329°: Simon ‘LLinusLLomu’ Wilson (Ireland) $251,074

With millionaire prizes in hand, Kleinman and Petr...

WCOOP 2023: Juan Martin Pastor takes main event podium finish high

WCOOP 2023: Juan Martin Pastor takes main event po...

Argentina’s Juan Martin Pastor dominated the WCOOP 2023 online festival at the Red Spade Room, taking the podium in the Main Event High.

The 98-H NLHE Main Event features 600 entries, a total prize pool of $10,300, and a guaranteed prize pool of $6,000,000. The top 79 players took home prizes, including Ivan “Negriin” Luca, who finished in 28th place and won $40,350.

Juan Martin, who goes by the nickname “xPastorcitox”, finished third and won his largest online prize: $559,385. Over the course of his career, he has reached the final tables of SCOOP, WPT Online, and the Winter Series. He had 15 cash on the scene, with a profit of $558,000.

You can see the final table definition in this video.

WCOOP 2023: Juan Martin Pastor takes main event po...

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