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Lautaro Guerra remains undefeated in WCOOP 100m PLO Main Event HU (2nd place, $79,251)

Lautaro Guerra remains undefeated in WCOOP 100m PL...

The cover we requested yesterday, Lautaro Guerra, sold for $1,050 and was featured in the WCOOP 100-M PLO Main Event Two things happened in finishing third. This is no longer caused by unknown Ukrainian actors “Hulaaaa”.

Lautaro had the advantage from the start and was able to see 16 of his opponents in the rearview mirror to win the decisive game. Heaven. His future executioner took a long look in the mirror and ended up in third place behind the Swede “Kzzon”, strangely enough in a format with such even preflop odds and so much ups and downs , but there were also a lot of ups and downs in the game. At the same time, the average performance dropped and the same players still stood on the championship podium.

Traditionally, Spanish players will reach a certain level again in the PLO Main Event, regardless of who finishes first, and since the NLHE is supposed to last three days, this has been achieved.

The Lo level includes Romanian player “Gabriel1244” (1st place, $24,203), Norwegian players “Sir_winalot9″ and ” mikal12345″ strong>Represent>” and Finland’s “AllMeMaybe”, while the World Championship took place in PLO 6-Max, won by Denmark’s “Imbajimbaa” (1st place, $233,532).

In NLHE ME we are very close to a good intermediate finalist. “Amadi_017” ranks 11th with $27,368. In Lo level, “GandalfMR” is the highest-ranked Spanish player (No. 122, $1,783), and no one is better at the World Championship than “Malaka$tyle<” 57-place better. The location can” ($21,432).

The Sunday Special didn’t give us FT either, so we’re waiting for Super Tuesday to end and the final day to launch WCOOP to drink the remaining bottle of champagne.

WCOOP 105-M Super Tuesday $215 (44 of 1,416 players): No. 22 “what_you_cry”,

WCOOP 105-H Super Tuesday $1,050 (36 of 302 players): 5. “que_te_crio”, 16. “railerita”.

Lautaro Guerra remains undefeated in WCOOP 100m PL...

Bert Stephens wins ME WSOP Online Championship

Bert girafganger7 Stevens – WSOP Online Champion

Yesterday, another record-breaking tournament came to an end on PokerOK – the WSOP Online Main Event. A few years ago it set the record for the largest online prize pool, and it was updated again this week.

A total of 6,023 players qualified for the Main Event, with a whopping $28,609,252 staked. As usual, the players made it to the final table last night and came together to complete individual challenges.

Only Russian player Alexander Tymoshenko reached the final table. He started with a strong chip stack but failed twice against Bert Stephens and ended up in fifth place after updating his best cash stack: $853,303.

Stevens held a slight chip lead at the start of the event, but quickly recovered and held 60% of the chips in the 5-Max event.

Burt continued to leave his rivals behind, only extending his lead and challenging Jagan Lee with a quadruple lead. The game lasted two games: in the first game Bert gave his opponent a double chance, and in the second game he won outright.

From the next day it was predicted that Bert would win if he did not compete. At least make it to the final table. girafganger7 got his wish: he can now get a WSOP gold bracelet.

The total first prize award is $2,783,432 – a decrease from previous years due to structural changes.

WSOP Online Main Event Final Table Prize Money:

That’s it for the finals of the massive WSOP online series on PokerOK, but the break won’t last long. The World Music Festival will continue in a live format in the Bahamas in December, with PokerOK sending at least 1,000 players to three of its most popular tournaments: Millionaire Maker, GGMillions and the Main Event.

Bert girafganger7 Stevens – WSOP Online Champion

WCOOP: Kelvin Kerber and Leo Alcantara on ME High Day 3

Kelvin Kerber and Leonardo Alcântara join 38 playe...

The WCOOP is coming to an end, and so is the most coveted tournament. Only 38 players still dream of becoming senior champions of the series main event. There are a lot of Brazilians there, but only two players from that country are eligible: Kelvin Kerber and Leonardo Alcantara.

The Samba team partner and the teacher together have the most chips. “Kelvin_FP:AR” has moved up to 21st place with a total of 2,829,571 chips. Alcântara, owner of the “LeoAlcantara” account, had a good day on day two, but ended up with 1,353,018 chips, placing him in third place among the 38 players vying for the title.

Chips The leader is Ivan Stokes “ILS007” with an impressive 16,606,251 chips. He’s well ahead of the legendary Niklas Astedt “Lena900” who is in second place with 9,996,387 chips. Jamil Wakil “Jamil11” (9,799,062), Kayhan Mokri “KayhanMok” (6,341,244), Chris Oliver “ImDaNuts” (3,270,792), Daniel Dvoress “Oxota” (2,816,829), Ivan Lucá “Negriin” (2,796,135) and Sam Grafton “SamS” (2,721,816) are some of the qualifiers.

The Main Event High Roller features a $10,300 High Roller with exactly 600 entrants and an immediate $6 million guarantee. Kelvin, Leonardo and 36 other qualifiers have already earned at least $32,632, but their dream is to win and win the $1,047,257 million prize. Day 3 starts at 1:30 pm with blinds of 40,000 / 80,000.

Kelvin Kerber and Leonardo Alcântara join 38 playe...

Jeremy Becker has done it again: 4 titles in 6 days in Las Vegas

Jeremy Becker has done it again: 4 titles in 6 day...

Jeremy Becker will continue his incredible winning streak in the city of Las Vegas in 2023, having won at Wynn Casino and The Venetian Casino wins and has finished in first place at least 4 times.

His first win came in the Wynn’s Nightly contest on September 26, where 68 entries worth $200 were submitted, with seven finalists taking home $12,530. Jeremy ended up winning, winning $4,754.

The next day, he won the Daily Jackpot at the same casino, this time with 95 entries worth $200, for a prize pool of $15,485. Becker won two events in a row, finishing first and taking home $5,128. On September 30, he won another Wynn Night, boosting his bankroll by $5,183.

Jeremy Becker @Jbex2417 is Fireworks of the Month, winning three daily fireworks shows including the 5pm evening show on September 30 worth $5,183 Dollar. Congratulations Jeremy and keep up the good work!

— Wynn Poker Room (@WynnPoker) October 1, 2023

His hot streak didn’t end there, as he also made an appearance at the DeepStack Extravaganza Festival Continue driving in Venice. Event #47 had 349 participants, was worth $800, and had a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000. Jeremy was crowned the champion again and received a career-high bonus of US$48,231.

With four first-place finishes in just six days, he increased his live tournament winnings to $1,105,623. He had an equally impressive month of May, winning nine titles in 39 days at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. He won 16 Sin City titles in 2023 and cashed four times at the WSOP, including a 306th-place finish in the 10K Main Event for $44,000.

Congratulations to Jeremy Becker (@Jbex2417) from Tampa, Florida for winning the DeepStack Extravaganza event #47 $800 NLH UltimateStack $250,000 on January 10, 2023.

Jeremy wins DeepStack Extravaganza Silver coin, trophy and $48,231

— Venetian Poker Room (@VenetianPoker) October 2, 2023

Jeremy Becker has done it again: 4 titles in 6 day...

The WCOOP round brings us to the PLO, consisting of Kaju, Lautaro, and Sergi Reixach.

The WCOOP round brings us to the PLO, consisting o...

With approximately 72 hours left until the World Championship of Online Poker 2023, the outcome of the Main Event must be clear.

The weekend ended with a podium finish for “Granter7777”, one of the best Spanish players in the entire WCOOP. He was born on Sunday and is looking forWCOOP 90-H Deepstack $1,050FT,264 participants.

The final table is tough and we are looking for two contestants: “Granter7777” himself and “wisopekeño!” (6th place , $11,896). Simon Mattson was unable to keep the remaining Spaniards away from the top three, finishing ahead ofEder Campana, but there were still two runners alive, Alexandros Theologis “Pwndidi” and “Tr!pleeeeeee”It was too much for the Spaniard(3rd place, $28,286).

Already in a busy international tournament Sergi Reixach was the star of the Spanish team as a Pokerstars customer on Sunday.

The Catalan received a wink from the poker gods that convinced him that It’s going to be a great day. ..

Today was a great day, the power went out during the break and then came back on before we continued playing. I won them all today line had two final tables, but he had few options other than sixth.

Sergi Continuing to try out all the main events and there’s still an open front I could see him finishing the weekend with. Now that Sergi has given us a clue, we start the WCOOP circuit.

WCOOP 96 – H Sunday kicks off $530 (930 40 of the players): 2. “GandalfMR”, 22. “OhMyCat 48o! “. (Winner will receive $76,445).

WCOOP 97-M Sunday Warm-up $215 (40 of 930 players): 56. “PAAdentr00! ! ! “. ($41,807 + winner bonus).

WCOOP 97-H Sunday Warm-up $2,100 (16 of 307 players): 3rd place. “B4NKR0LL3R”. ($41,807 + winner bonus).

Before we get into the Main Event, it should be noted that all but the PLO-Lo level The events are still Registration open until the start of Day 2. The competition lasts three days and there is still a lot of work to be done, but it is worth mentioning that PLO has given all guarantees As in all Texas Hold’em – it is possible for tournaments to overlap.

PLO has a good reputation among tournament halls and is becoming increasingly popular in Spain, thanks to Ka Kwan Lau and Lautaro Guerra They continue to dominate the poker world. Stand out from the crowd. The most important four card event in the world, both online and live. This WCOOP is no exception and we are all vying for the High School and Mid Double crowns. They always outdo themselves, even if Their bar is very high.

WCOOP 98-L Main Event $109 (6,595 of 24,955 players): #1 Spanish player: 145. “elnavas1”.

WCOOP 98-M Main Event $1,050 (1,309 of 4,002 players): Highest-ranked Spaniard: 15. “Nacho124441”.

WCOOP 98 – H WC NLHE Main Event $10,300 (199 of 534 players): 25. “vicenfish”, 57. “Danipesis”, 80. ” No Me Tiembla”, 82. “estoygordoyk”, 110. “Granter7777”, 125. “Malaka$tyle “, 142.” Nacho124441″, 188. “Amadi_017”.

WCOOP 100-L PLO Main Event $109 (321 of 2,340 players name): Best place Spaniard: 245. “danipesis”.

WCOOP 100-M PLO Main Event $1,050 (121 of 506 players): 3rd, “#Naktro91”, 33rd, “kaju85 ”, no. 117. “srxakgirona”.

PLO Main Event WCOOP 100-H WC $10,300 (18 79 players): 4th place, “#Naktro91”, 13th place, “kaju85”.

The WCOOP round brings us to the PLO, consisting o...

Grinder Report: The full effects of a virtual wipe

Grinder Report: The full effects of a virtual wipe

Our grinders are facing their best days yet and dreaming of great things. Not everyone can make it, but they have a great time.

For JRamela, who detonated the atomic bomb, the week began to be as exciting as last month: he finished third in Sunday’s Main Event for $1,050 Two HRs and finished second with $83,945. He also finished sixth in the $525 Hyper Turbo Bounty 7-Handed event, earning an additional $3,091.

Winners include TirodeGracia, who won a $25 MINI HEATER Bounty Turbo, with prizes and incentives totaling $10,030. The same thing happened to Carlos Ch4rl1e Torres, who won the $16.50 Hotter Hyper for a total prize of $1,180.

Another win followed, as fishvictordd took home the Hotter 11 for $2,140. Grinderskullhorse almost won again, finishing second in theBounty Builder 7.50 contest and winning $1,455. Finally, Antonio superyanga23 Rodriguez finished fourth in the $88 Sunday CRAZY EIGHTS 8-Handed for $6,881.

Grinder Report: The full effects of a virtual wipe

Isaac Haxton becomes first two-time Super High Roller Bowl winner

Isaac Haxton becomes first two-time Super High Rol...

Isaac Haxton became the first player to win two Super High Roller Bowl 300K tournaments in the city of Las Vegas over the weekend.

The event, now in its eighth year, is hosted by Played at Aria Casino from September 28-30. There are 20 bets worth $300,000, with a prize pool of $6,000,000.

Ike defeated Andrew Lichtenberger in the final and won a huge prize of US$2.7 million. With 26 prizes, 20 final tables and seven wins, he is having the best year of his career and will earn $12.8 million in 2023. No one has won more money in this tournament so far, and with these results, he has increased his live tournament winnings to $42.7 million, ranking him 10th on the all-time money list.

$300,000 Super High Roller Bowl Winner:

Other news from Isaac Haxton:

  • WPT Alpha 8 7th Place 2023 One Drop 111K
  • Super High Roller Bowl 300K 2018 Winner
  • PokerStars Room Team Pro was disuse.

Isaac Haxton becomes first two-time Super High Rol...

Pedro Garagnani wins Lightning HU Championship and wins WCOOP Event 104-H

Pedro Garagnani wins Lightning HU Championship and...

Pedro Garagnani was one of the country’s highlights at the 2023 WCOOP, defeating his opponent in the finals of Event 104-H: $1,050 NL Hold’em (Freezeout). In less than five hours, the pilot of the “pvigar” account beat 228 players and won $44,494.

With a 10:1 lead, “pvigar” needed just one move to head straight to the finish line – against Patrick “pads1161” Leonard. With K♠10♥, the Brazilian got the Brit all in and got the call. Leonard lost the set 8♣8♠ 10\5\Q♠6♠4♥.

In Event 96-M: $55 No Limit Hold’em, the Nats won the doubles match with Thauan “VelascoNoBad”. Grinder “Cunha” and Gilberto “msgiba” Roncatto earned $35,095 and $24,626 respectively. em (progressive KO) after defeating 550 opponents.

Pedro Garagnani wins Lightning HU Championship and...

Neville Costa appears on FT’s ACR OSS Main Event

Neville Costa is used to making big decisions and...

Neville Costa has reached the final table of the WSOP Online Millionaire Maker, EPT Barcelona Main Event and many other major events. Professional players can look forward to another big showdown this Tuesday (03). The star is one of eight finalists in the Americas Cardroom OSS (Online Super Series) $1,050 main event.

Costa has $427,027 in prize money and leads the fifth-largest stack with 76,694,268 chips (equivalent to 19 big blinds). He owns the ACR account “RacaNegra”. The chip leader is grinder ‘FDvinyatin’ with 231,063,364 chips, just 8 big blinds behind runner-up ‘GARMONISTIK’ from Ukraine with 200,412,548 chips.

Participants include “WhitePhanter90” (130,233,364), “MamadouMakiba” (87,715,006), “sharkmed993” (74,112,335), “MistahBond” (63,118,089), and “Jake96333” (56,101,026).

The Main Event has a $1,050 buy-in and 2,627 entries, with eight finalists having earned at least $47,065 in US prize money. The final will take place at 3:05 PM Brazil time with blinds of 2,000,000/4,000,000.

View the entire prize pool:

1 – $427,020

2 – $310,989

3 – $227,022

4-6 – $64,471

7 – $64,471

8 $47,065

Neville Costa is used to making big decisions and...

WCOOP: Fabiano Takes Second Place in ME Medium 2nd Chance

Fabiano Kovalski wins the WCOOP Medium 2nd Chance...

Monday was a busy day at the WCOOP, with some Brazilian results recorded in the PokerStars Series. For example, Fabiano Kovalski, a co-owner of the Samba Poker team, received a very generous bonus in the series.

He received a great deal on his “Kovalski1” account in Event #103-M. , the pricey Second Chance Main Event, which cost $530 and had 871 participants. Heads-up, Fabiano Kovalski won $49,379.

In #97-M event ($215 Sunday run), Edilson Júnior (aka “Dangerzinn”) finished second out of 3,397 participants. He received $47,419. In the same event, “krabinalouco” (4th – $21,534) and Bruno Ikeda “SCCPdk” (5th – $15,670) were finalists.

Finally, Pedro Garagnani (or “pvigar”) won Event #104-H: $1,050 Turbo Freezeout from a field of 228 entries. The three-time WCOOP champion now has $44,494 in winnings.

Show more results:

Event Player Place Price

WCOOP 103-L: $55 NLH ME No. Second Chance Júlio Steffen “17Neffets_br” 1st Place $43,093 WCOOP 96-M: $55 Thauan Velasco “Velasconobad” 1st Place $35,095 on Sunday $35,095 WCOOP SIDE Event: 320 NLHE 8-MAX PKO RENAN BRUSCHI $320 NLHE RENAN BRUSCHI PLECE $286 $ 286-286-286-286-286-286. $55 Sunday opener Gilberto Roncatto “msgiba” 2nd place $24,626 WCOOP 96-H: $530 Sunday opener Pedro Padilha “PaDiLhA SP” 5th place $20,855 WCOOP Edition: Bounty Generator US$215 João Mathias Baumgarten “joaoMathias” 1st place 1st US$19,170 WCOOP 103-M: $530 NLH ME Second Chance Breno Bertalia “BLEFE GOD” 5th US$18,685 WCOOP 96-H: US$530 Sunday Kickoff Peter Patrício “pitaoufmg” 6. $15,072 WCOOP Edition: $11 Sunday Storm “burakostmz” 1. $12,747 WCOOP 96-H: $530 Sunday Kickoff Edílson Júnior “EdilsonRTJ” 7. $10,892 WCOOP 103-M: 530 NLH ME 2. Chance Álvaro Pinheiro ” writeUrstory” 7. $9,494 WCOOP Edition: $11 Sunday Storm “Madeuz1n” 2. $9,138 WCOOP Edition: $530 Bounty Builder HR “peposo447” 5. $8,911 WCOOP 104-M: $109 Turbo Freeze Pedro Reis “phcrf” 5th Place $7,775 55 Daily Supersonics Gustavo Ornellas “mertholstar” 1 7,678 Bounty Generator $44 Rafael Low Ila “sansaorafael” 1st place $7,246 22 Mini Sunday Million “Eulerft” 3rd place 6,837 $ WCOOP 103-M: $530 NLH ME Second Chance Rodrigo Seiji “seijistar” 8th place $6,768 WCOOP Edition: Big $109 Lucas Cubas “” 5th Place $6,230 WCOOP 104-M: $109 Turbo Freeze Ricardo Rocha “rickyibrah45” 6. $5,542 Bounty Generator $44 Gustavo Díaz “gustavoodias” ” 2. $5,402 Bruno Volkmann “great dant” 8. US $5,056

Fabiano Kovalski wins the WCOOP Medium 2nd Chance...

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