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Strategy Mano 2 – NachoAce’s Blog

Strategy Mano 2 - NachoAce's Blog

Thanks to NachoAce and his blog, we invite you to visit the blog and we will be posting weekly comments on our website.

This is this week’s analysis. On the other hand, you can’t miss analysis either.

Hello everyone! I played about 8300 hands today, almost all at 200 NL, and a little bit at 400 NL. It still runs smoothly, no surprises.

Pot Limit Hold’em, $4.00 BB (7 Players)

CO ($400) )NachoAce (Button) ($426.20) )SB ($179.95)BB ($400)UTG ($416)MP1 ($400)MP2 ($592.40) Preflop: NachoAce This is the button, 5 times, 44 folds,

this hand wanted to fold on the button, so I decided to raise and steal the money.

NachoAce bet $8, 1x, BB called $4Flop: ($18 ) 2, 3, 8 (2 players)

BB checked, flopped The cards gave us a straight draw, so I decided to go ahead and bet.

NachoAce bet $12, BB raised to $36,

BB check-raised the flop. This player has a 59% fold rate and a 12% raise rate when betting out of position. That’s a pretty high percentage, but not too high… If I got a check-raise, I think I’d probably play a strong hand like a pair, a set, a pair, or just a bluff in my hand . The thing is, in one game I had 8 outs (4 aces and 4 sixes). This would give me an immediate success rate of about 32%. When I face a set, my chances of winning decrease because if the hand is folded, I always lose. One option is to raise again, but if I raise, I’m faced with a difficult decision. Let’s say I raise to $100 and go all-in. If I fold, I lose 25% of my stack for free, if I pay (which I think I will), my stack is (optimistically) 32%. Since we both had 100 BB on the table (i.e. the max pot was $800), and there was only $66 in the pot so far, I decided to “just play” and see what the turn would bring and how my opponents would react.

NachoAce called $24Turn: ($90) Ace (2 players)

The turn card is unbeatable! This brings us to a straight up, top matchup on the table right now.

BB bets $64,

My opponent bets again, just over two-thirds of the pot. The thing is, there’s a lot of money left and even though I have a top game, it’s a fragile game. For example, if a third diamond appears or a card doubles, my game is no longer as powerful as it is now. That’s why I decided to try All-In. The only downside to raising is that my opponent might not have a strong hand or, for example, have a pair that might be scared by the ace on the table. Regardless, I decided to risk a smaller win rather than let the river show for free, and it remains to be determined how much I should raise. Since I wanted to go all-in, I tripled his original bet (a little more). This means he had to pay $135 for a total pot bonus of $353. If he has a set or even a double pair (such as A8), it will be difficult to pass. However, since this is an average player, he knows that the remaining $157 is going to the river, and if he decides to call and go all-in, he will likely do so. NachoAce raised to $199, BB raised to $356 (all-in), and NachoAce called to $157.

River: ($802) 5 (2 players, 1 all-in) Total Pot: $802 Commission:$3

Result:NachoAce has 5, 4 (straight, five high). BB has 8, 8 (three, eight). Result: NachoAce won $799

Strategy Mano 2 - NachoAce's Blog

Felipe “10SoccerKing” Arcas seals OSS $66 mystery bounty deal with HU

Felipe “10SoccerKing” Arcas seals OSS $66 mystery...

The country’s grinders performed well in the multi-million dollar tournament at Online Super Series OSS. In Event 2: $66 No Limit Hold’em Mystery Bounty, Felipe “10SoccerKing” Arcas went heads-up. He won the silver medal and $65,106 when he was outnumbered.

“OleJohn” goes even further. In Event 3, the $630 NL Hold’em High Roller, he was eliminated at the final table along with 6 players. The Brazilian won a total of $67,371.

“vanhk” finished third out of 5,628 entries in Event 491: $109 NL Hold’em, a finish that earned the Brazilian $41,826 in cash-Dollars.

In Event 1: $215 NL Hold’em Mystery Bounty, “Marcryyy” (7th), Adrovan “Gboro2203” Rodrigues (8th), and Eduardo “M Cunha G” Silva (9th) fall. ) and subsequently received $31,430, $25,118 and $16,721 respectively.

Other results

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeEvent 510-M: $109 NL Hold’em “choconutsx”1° $23,458Event 08: $1,050 NL Hold’em “prbr0mb”7° 21,704 $Event 513: 630 NL Texas Poker “SmallRock” 2° 16,665 $ Event 509-H: $215 NL Texas Hold’em “budavibes” 5° 12,940 $

Felipe “10SoccerKing” Arcas seals OSS $66 mystery...

Kelvin Kerber leads Brazil into final round of WCOOP Premium Main Event

Kelvin Kerber leads Brazil into final round of WCO...

Determined to compete for the first senior WCOOP Main Event title, Team Brazil returns to the showdown finals of the event, also known as the NL Hold’em World Championship. At the end of day three, Kelvin Kerber was fifth in chips with 11,586,558 chips, about 57 BBS.

Kelvin started the race far from the lead, but it didn’t take long for the Team Samba member to climb up the leaderboard. . He went all-in preflop against Kayhan “KayhanMok” Mokri, who had Q♠Q♥ when he folded with A♥A♠. J♠10♦3♥K♠J♥ The board did not surprise the Brazilian, who doubled his stack.

A few moves later, Kelvin won a 5♠5♥ flip against Matthew “Stumpfed”. “Stumpf’s A♥Q♥ won another big pot.

Meanwhile, Léo Alcântara was eliminated with just 21 players left on PokerStars. He had a total of 49,893 points.

To win the biggest win of his career, Kelvin must complete a FT filled with online MTT stars. UK player Ivan “ILS007″ Stokes remains in the lead. He currently has 31,727,368 chips, while German Leonard ” Grozzorg” Maue has 25,827,094 in chips.

PokerStars table action starts at 1:30pm (BST) with blinds of 100,000/200,000 and an ante of 25,000.

Number of chips

1. Ivan “ILS007” Stokes (UK) 31,727,368

2. Leonard “Grozzorg” Maue (Germany) 25,827,094

3. Niklas “Lena900” Astedt (Sweden) 23,258,260

4. “ShipitFTW911” (Sweden) 18,433,496

5. Pastor Juan “xPastorcitox” (Argentina) 15,344,772

6. Kelvin “Kelvin_FP:AR” Kerber (Brazil) 11,586,558

7. Jamil “Jamil11” Wakil (Canada) 9,607,366

8. Kayhan “KayhanMok” ‘ Mokri (Norway) 7,558,355

9. Mario “livinmydream1” Mosböck (Austria) 6,656,731

Prize Pool

1. $1,047,257

2. $965,388

3. $559,385

4. $408,827

5. $298,791

6. $218,372

7. $159,597

8. $116,642

9. $94,330

Kelvin Kerber leads Brazil into final round of WCO...

Torres gets off to a good start in Iguazu Poker Tour High Roller Event

Torres gets off to a good start in Iguazu Poker To...

The most expensive tournament on the

Iguazu Poker Tour begins in Downtown Foz. The $70,000 GTD High Roller has concluded its first day of competition, with Blas Torres being among the 25 players who passed the first round of 33 entries Got first place.

The Argentine started his great journey with a brace against Gaspar Fernandez. From there, it was all uphill for Blas, who finished with 214,100 in chips at the end of 8 levels (40 minutes each).

Everything about the Iguazu Poker Tour is spectacular.

With Albiceleste, Marcos Grassi, Cristian Stival, Nicolás Velarde, Rubens Apovian The likes of and Matías Gabrenja have also reached new levels.

The buy-in is $2,000 and registrations go up to level 15, so there are still plenty of people wanting to try their luck at this grand event, or at least try again.

This Saturday’s High Roller Tournament will be held at 3:00. CodigoPoker covers level 9 blinds with odds of 700/1,400 to continue the big blind bets. Note is 1,400. Once the final number is reached at the end of level 15, it’s all about finding the winner.

Iguazu Poker Tour high rollers include Blas Torres – 214,100 Marcos Rodriguez Grassi – 177,000 Rubens Apovian – 170,500 Nicolas Velarde – 144,400 Claudio Fabian Botti – 112,400 Matias Gabrenja – 108,800 Sergio Collado Diaz – 102,300 Cristian Stival – 9 3.5 00 Claudio· Pituco – 85,200 Luis Felipe de Andrade – 85k to – 47,500 Ignacio Romano – 46,300 Nino Jara – 46,100 Pablo Sebastian Rodriguez – 42,600 Sebastian Lobo – 42,500 Fabio Teruno Murakami – 29,200 Herb Aragones – 16,000

Torres gets off to a good start in Iguazu Poker To...

Iván Vilchez is Iguazu Poker Tour Main Event Champion

Iván Vilchez is Iguazu Poker Tour Main Event Champ...

After four intense days of action, including five Day Ones and one Day Two, the main event of the third event of the Iguazu Poker Tour Saturday came to an end with the title winner determined to be below Iván Vilchez.

Cordovan managed to win the final table, which included the top nine players, to claim the top prize of 26,370 US – Dollar defeating Guochi Grill

Vilchez entered the final table in sixth place, but later managed to climb up the standings until he was crowned in this tournament, which featured 140 players and $800 in prize money. Prize money of $90,720 is divided among the top 20 finishers. The final table is broadcast exclusively live by Codigo Poker.

Guochi Grill finished second and received important points

Meanwhile, on the podium It was Martín Piñeiro, who started the day in third place and ended it with $10,380, while , started as the chip leader but lost early in 6th place for $4,180.

Main Event – ​​Iguazu Poker Tour #3

Buy-in: $800

Participation: 140

Pot: $90,720

Final Table

1° Iván Vílchez – $26,3702. Gerardo Guochi Grill – $15,7803° Martin Pinheiro – $10,3804° Gustavo Giles – $7,9855° Sergey Utenkov – $5,2806° Pablo Andre – $4,1807 Marcelo Derriucci – $3,1858° Volmir Fusinato – $2,3609° Federico Tour – $1,725

Iván Vilchez is Iguazu Poker Tour Main Event Champ...

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