Cade Farias is WCOOP Main Event Lower Level Champion

Cade Farias dominates final table, earns low score...

The WCOOP Low Main Event is the most democratic of the three editions of the series’ flagship event, as it has a $109 buy-in. As a result, thousands of players compete with the sole dream of becoming a champion. Considering the number of Brazilians present, the end result would have been no different. Cade Farias, star of the Brazilian CardRoom poker team, took the win.

The environmental engineer from Chapeco, Santa Catarina, where such luminaries as Carlos Rox and AndrĂ© Berlanda A city made history. The Brazilian scene now has a WCOOP Main Event Champion. Cade, aka “CadeMito,” followed in the footsteps of his friends at CardRoom and beat out 27,184 entrants to earn everlasting glory and take home a cool $257,039 in heads-up play.

Cade entered the final table with the second largest chip stack and quickly added to his stack. With multiple players falling and salary jumps becoming easier, the star is on his way to the biggest win of his career.

So , the game has entered heads-up, and the Brazilians have achieved good results along the way. His last opponent was Maltese player “Goonie Tot” who sold himself a costly victory in an exciting battle, although the financial settlement was very favorable for both parties.

At one point in the game, Cade was “Goonie Tot”. The bluffing “Tot” went all-in and lost with a straight. The “decisive” hand, however, was the penultimate hand. With KJ, the Brazilian hit two pair on the river on the K592J table, while his opponent had two pair for 92. The result was that the Maltese got a slice.

The game continued, and two hands later, Cade came on “Goonie Tot” to be crowned the champion after going all-in preflop for 88 against his opponent A2. The board was a smooth 952K7, and the Chapeco native made history on the PokerStars tables by becoming the Main Event Low Card Champion.

Cade Farias dominates final table, earns low score...


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    The text discusses the WCOOP Low Main Event, highlighting its democratic nature with a $109 buy-in and the victory of Brazilian player Cade Farias. It describes his journey to the final table, including key hands against his opponent Goonie Tot, ultimately becoming the Main Event Low Card Champion.

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