Carrasco Poker Series: Kaufman and Vieira lead the day’s action

Carrasco Poker Series: Kaufman handles main event,...

The Carrasco Poker Series had a great Friday at the luxurious Casino Carrasco in Montevideo. Yesterday, Day 1D of the Main Event concluded, while the High Roller began in Day 1A, with both events being successful.

The best of the fourth edition in the penultimate opening game of the main event was Brian Kaufman (cover photo). The Charrúa cracker collected 125,500 chips and led 15 players who advanced after one event with 23 entries and four $300 re-entries.

Viera (representing the national team) is the best of the five qualifiers for the High Roller.

With a $50,000 guarantee, the Main Event has been a success and will take place this Saturday. While there is still Day 1E Hyper Turbo, the realm has not yet been defined and registration is still open.

But I’m far from satisfied. The $800 High Roller also started yesterday with 38 entrants and 10 re-entrants. In the end, 5 players qualified, with Federico Viera being the best among them with 848,000 chips.

The High Roller is this Saturday at 1B While the winner won’t be announced until Sunday, more players are sure to sign up to take home the massive prize money from the tournament’s guaranteed $50,000.

Carrasco Poker Series – Main Event

Buy-in: $300

Entries: 169

Re-Enters: 69

Participants: 73

Chipcount Carrasco Poker Series – High Roller

Buy-in: $800

Entries: 38

Re-Enters: 10

Players participating in the match: 5

Carrasco Poker Series: Kaufman handles main event,...

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  • It sounds like the Carrasco Poker Series at Casino Carrasco in Montevideo had a successful Friday with both the Main Event and High Roller tournaments going well. There were strong performers in both events, and the competition is set to continue with more players expected to join in for a chance at the large prize money.

  • This text provides a detailed overview of the recent Carrasco Poker Series events in Montevideo, highlighting the success of both the Main Event and High Roller tournaments. The impressive chip counts and number of entries demonstrates the popularity and competitiveness of the series.

  • The text provides a detailed summary of the events at the Carrasco Poker Series, highlighting the success of the Main Event and High Roller tournaments. The tournaments have seen strong participation and promising results, with potential for even more players to join and compete for the substantial prize money.

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