Felipe “10SoccerKing” Arcas seals OSS $66 mystery bounty deal with HU

Felipe “10SoccerKing” Arcas seals OSS $66 mystery...

The country’s grinders performed well in the multi-million dollar tournament at Online Super Series OSS. In Event 2: $66 No Limit Hold’em Mystery Bounty, Felipe “10SoccerKing” Arcas went heads-up. He won the silver medal and $65,106 when he was outnumbered.

“OleJohn” goes even further. In Event 3, the $630 NL Hold’em High Roller, he was eliminated at the final table along with 6 players. The Brazilian won a total of $67,371.

“vanhk” finished third out of 5,628 entries in Event 491: $109 NL Hold’em, a finish that earned the Brazilian $41,826 in cash-Dollars.

In Event 1: $215 NL Hold’em Mystery Bounty, “Marcryyy” (7th), Adrovan “Gboro2203” Rodrigues (8th), and Eduardo “M Cunha G” Silva (9th) fall. ) and subsequently received $31,430, $25,118 and $16,721 respectively.

Other results

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeEvent 510-M: $109 NL Hold’em “choconutsx”1° $23,458Event 08: $1,050 NL Hold’em “prbr0mb”7° 21,704 $Event 513: 630 NL Texas Poker “SmallRock” 2° 16,665 $ Event 509-H: $215 NL Texas Hold’em “budavibes” 5° 12,940 $

Felipe “10SoccerKing” Arcas seals OSS $66 mystery...


  • This text highlights the successful performance of various Brazilian players in the Online Super Series tournament, with Felipe “10SoccerKing” Arcas winning the silver medal and $65,106, OleJohn making it to the final table and earning $67,371, and vanhk finishing third and receiving $41,826. Other Brazilian players also achieved notable positions and prize winnings in different events of the tournament. Overall, it showcases the skill and success of Brazilian grinders in the competition.

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