Iván Vilchez is Iguazu Poker Tour Main Event Champion

Iván Vilchez is Iguazu Poker Tour Main Event Champ...

After four intense days of action, including five Day Ones and one Day Two, the main event of the third event of the Iguazu Poker Tour Saturday came to an end with the title winner determined to be below Iván Vilchez.

Cordovan managed to win the final table, which included the top nine players, to claim the top prize of 26,370 US – Dollar defeating Guochi Grill

Vilchez entered the final table in sixth place, but later managed to climb up the standings until he was crowned in this tournament, which featured 140 players and $800 in prize money. Prize money of $90,720 is divided among the top 20 finishers. The final table is broadcast exclusively live by Codigo Poker.

Guochi Grill finished second and received important points

Meanwhile, on the podium It was Martín Piñeiro, who started the day in third place and ended it with $10,380, while , started as the chip leader but lost early in 6th place for $4,180.

Main Event – ​​Iguazu Poker Tour #3

Buy-in: $800

Participation: 140

Pot: $90,720

Final Table

1° Iván Vílchez – $26,3702. Gerardo Guochi Grill – $15,7803° Martin Pinheiro – $10,3804° Gustavo Giles – $7,9855° Sergey Utenkov – $5,2806° Pablo Andre – $4,1807 Marcelo Derriucci – $3,1858° Volmir Fusinato – $2,3609° Federico Tour – $1,725

Iván Vilchez is Iguazu Poker Tour Main Event Champ...


  • This text provides a summary of the main event of the Iguazu Poker Tour, stating that Iván Vilchez emerged as the champion after four intense days of gameplay. The top prize was $26,370, and the tournament featured 140 players competing for a total pot of $90,720.

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