Lautaro Guerra remains undefeated in WCOOP 100m PLO Main Event HU (2nd place, $79,251)

Lautaro Guerra remains undefeated in WCOOP 100m PL...

The cover we requested yesterday, Lautaro Guerra, sold for $1,050 and was featured in the WCOOP 100-M PLO Main Event Two things happened in finishing third. This is no longer caused by unknown Ukrainian actors “Hulaaaa”.

Lautaro had the advantage from the start and was able to see 16 of his opponents in the rearview mirror to win the decisive game. Heaven. His future executioner took a long look in the mirror and ended up in third place behind the Swede “Kzzon”, strangely enough in a format with such even preflop odds and so much ups and downs , but there were also a lot of ups and downs in the game. At the same time, the average performance dropped and the same players still stood on the championship podium.

Traditionally, Spanish players will reach a certain level again in the PLO Main Event, regardless of who finishes first, and since the NLHE is supposed to last three days, this has been achieved.

The Lo level includes Romanian player “Gabriel1244” (1st place, $24,203), Norwegian players “Sir_winalot9″ and ” mikal12345″ strong>Represent>” and Finland’s “AllMeMaybe”, while the World Championship took place in PLO 6-Max, won by Denmark’s “Imbajimbaa” (1st place, $233,532).

In NLHE ME we are very close to a good intermediate finalist. “Amadi_017” ranks 11th with $27,368. In Lo level, “GandalfMR” is the highest-ranked Spanish player (No. 122, $1,783), and no one is better at the World Championship than “Malaka$tyle<” 57-place better. The location can” ($21,432).

The Sunday Special didn’t give us FT either, so we’re waiting for Super Tuesday to end and the final day to launch WCOOP to drink the remaining bottle of champagne.

WCOOP 105-M Super Tuesday $215 (44 of 1,416 players): No. 22 “what_you_cry”,

WCOOP 105-H Super Tuesday $1,050 (36 of 302 players): 5. “que_te_crio”, 16. “railerita”.

Lautaro Guerra remains undefeated in WCOOP 100m PL...

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