Pedro Padilha represents HU in the $1,050 event at GGPoker World Festival Thursday

Pedro Padilha represents HU in the $1,050 event at...

Despite the Brazilian’s invasion of the $1,050 Thursday Throwdown, the champion of the GGPoker World Festival Championship remains Martín Piñeiro. As heads-up opponent of Pedro Padilha, the Argentinian increased his bankroll to $103,621. Meanwhile, the Samba man won $67,625.

Piñeiro started to trouble the Brazilian at the beginning of the decider. He survived the K♣Q 10 10 2♥ 6♥ hand with Q♥Q♣ against the A♥K♥ of Felipe Boianovsky and took all of his opponent’s chips.

In the 8-player tournament Felipe Morelli suffered a loss under “friendly fire”. Holding 6 6 ♣, he mock-shoved and then called a raise from Gustavo Lopes (“Vascão”), who held K♠K ♦. The 7♥2♣QCheck3CheckA♣ board didn’t surprise the recreational player from Brasilia, and he took down the pot.

After Padilha completed the elimination, the foursome consisted of three Brazilians, but Piñeiro never let himself be intimidated. He opened with A♥K♠, UTG, and then called Ivan Limeira’s 3-bet all-in. The player from Ceará then showed 7♥7♠ and caught the A♣ on the river.

Padilha chased Piñeiro and managed to double up against “Vascão,” leaving his compatriot with just 4 BBs. A few moves later, the São Paulo player hit two pair on a 9♠10♠3 flop with 10 3♠, cashing in Vascão’s all-in. With Q♠2♠, the short stack found no outs on the K turn and K♥ river.

The score was almost tied, and Padilha and Piñeiro faced each other for 30 minutes. Watch the final hand:

With blinds of 300,000/600,000 and an ante of 90,000, Padilha moved all-in and Piñeiro checked. When the flop came 4\5♣6♠, both finalists folded on the turn. On the K♠ turn, Piñeiro bet 1,380,000 and was called. Finally, on the river, Padilha put 3,312,000 in the middle of the table with the five and left with 5,873,492. Piñeiro then moved all-in for 28,599,008 and his opponent called with K 4♣. Piñeiro was crowned champion with 3♣2♦.

GGPoker had 762 registered participants to surpass the $600,000 guarantee for Thursday’s $1,050 Throwdown. Here’s how much each finalist won:

1. Martín Piñeiro (Argentina) $103,621

2. Pedro Padilha (Brazil) $67,625

3. Gustavo López (Brazil) $52,181

5. Ivan “uPayMyWedding” Limeira (Brazil) $21,224

6. “Happy-AYA” (Albania) $24,543

7. BarbasDoProfeta (Moldova) $17,909

8. Simon Lofberg (Austria) $19,625

9. Felipe “FelipeAA23” Morelli (Brazil) $15,984

10. Felipe “LisFlower” Boianovsky (Brazil) $22,631

Pedro Padilha represents HU in the $1,050 event at...


  • I think this text provides a detailed account of the GGPoker World Festival Championship and the final match between Martín Piñeiro and Pedro Padilha. It shows the skill and strategy involved in high-stakes poker tournaments and highlights the impressive winnings of the finalists.

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