Torres gets off to a good start in Iguazu Poker Tour High Roller Event

Torres gets off to a good start in Iguazu Poker To...

The most expensive tournament on the

Iguazu Poker Tour begins in Downtown Foz. The $70,000 GTD High Roller has concluded its first day of competition, with Blas Torres being among the 25 players who passed the first round of 33 entries Got first place.

The Argentine started his great journey with a brace against Gaspar Fernandez. From there, it was all uphill for Blas, who finished with 214,100 in chips at the end of 8 levels (40 minutes each).

Everything about the Iguazu Poker Tour is spectacular.

With Albiceleste, Marcos Grassi, Cristian Stival, Nicolás Velarde, Rubens Apovian The likes of and Matías Gabrenja have also reached new levels.

The buy-in is $2,000 and registrations go up to level 15, so there are still plenty of people wanting to try their luck at this grand event, or at least try again.

This Saturday’s High Roller Tournament will be held at 3:00. CodigoPoker covers level 9 blinds with odds of 700/1,400 to continue the big blind bets. Note is 1,400. Once the final number is reached at the end of level 15, it’s all about finding the winner.

Iguazu Poker Tour high rollers include Blas Torres – 214,100 Marcos Rodriguez Grassi – 177,000 Rubens Apovian – 170,500 Nicolas Velarde – 144,400 Claudio Fabian Botti – 112,400 Matias Gabrenja – 108,800 Sergio Collado Diaz – 102,300 Cristian Stival – 9 3.5 00 Claudio· Pituco – 85,200 Luis Felipe de Andrade – 85k to – 47,500 Ignacio Romano – 46,300 Nino Jara – 46,100 Pablo Sebastian Rodriguez – 42,600 Sebastian Lobo – 42,500 Fabio Teruno Murakami – 29,200 Herb Aragones – 16,000

Torres gets off to a good start in Iguazu Poker To...


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    This text provides an update on the ongoing Iguazu Poker Tour, highlighting the progress of various players during the $70,000 GTD High Roller tournament. It also mentions the buy-in, remaining participants, and the upcoming schedule for the event.

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