CCP PixPoker: Giullyana Morais hopes to win the button

CCP PixPoker: Giullyana Morais wins 'Win The Butto...

CCP PixPoker Day 2 couldn’t have ended better. On the same day that Naomi Suassuna won the Series Main Event, CCP PixPoker also became the first woman to be crowned champion of the tour, ending the leg on a high note. This feat was achieved by Giullyana Morais.

Giullyana became the winner of the “Win the Button” at the end of the second stage of the Tour, becoming the first player to win the series. Accompanied by good friend Rodrigo Chiba, Giullyana moved into the ranks of the Tour champions with a fine victory in the final.

The player beat 77 players in the R$130 tournament and celebrated with R$2,300 in her account. Giullyana defeated a solid Marcus Vinicius in heads-up play to claim the title, and there was another female representative at the final table: Isa Almeida, who finished seventh, showing the strength of Natal women.

Giullyana celebrates the end of the stage for an unprecedented achievement in the best possible way: “This is the first time I have made money in a mixed tournament, before that I only made money in women’s tournaments. I’m happy, very happy Delighted. I really like this event and the girls who work here. I have nothing but thumbs up for the CCP. Of course, I will participate in every stage,” said the champion.

With Giullyana’s victory, the second stage of Natal CCP PixPoker has officially come to an end.

See your final table prizes:

1. – Giullyana Morais – R$ 2,3002nd place – Marcus Vinicius – R$ 1,5503rd Place – Lord Chell – R$ 1,0504th place – Flavia Crossman – R$ 8005. – Story Gomez – R$ 6206. – James Kelly – R$ 5007th Place – Issa Almeida – R$ 4008th Place – Rogerio – R$ 3009th place – Ernandes José – R$ 250

CCP PixPoker: Giullyana Morais wins 'Win The Butto...

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  • Pasquale.mcdermott

    I think it’s fantastic to see a woman, Giullyana Morais, crowned as champion of the CCP PixPoker tour. It’s great to see more diversity and representation in the world of poker tournaments. Congratulations to Giullyana and all the other participants!

  • Mosciski.freddy

    I think it’s great to see a woman crowned champion in a poker tournament, breaking stereotypes and showcasing female talent. Giullyana Morais’ victory is a significant achievement and will hopefully inspire more women to participate in future events.

  • I think it’s great to see a woman being crowned champion of the CCP PixPoker tour and breaking barriers in the poker world. Giullyana Morais’ achievement is impressive and it’s exciting to see more female representation at the final tables.

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