Doug Polk and the Lodge Card Club’s Marathon

Doug Polk and the Lodge Card Club’s Marathon

Recently, Doug Polk announced that his streaming table numbers were abysmal. According to him, he lost about $400,000, but luckily the last meeting of Lodge Card Club went quite smoothly. It was an emotional session, with Nikhil Arcot completing one of the longest tank attacks in history.

Thanks to Bob Taras and the player is named Tesla. Holding K K , Taras ended up winning the $607,000 pot against Tesla, who made top pair with K Q on the flop of 8 Q 6 and defended it until the end. This ended up being the second largest pot in Lodge Card Club history.

607,000 POT! ! !

Second largest pot in Lodge Card Club history, @TarasBob has pocket kings against Tesla’s top pair!

— Lodge Card Club (@LodgePokerClub) March 18, 2024

But the funniest part is when Polk meets Tesla and his ruthless mania bet big with top pair. In this hand, Polk got a flush on the river and was able to advance thanks to his opponent’s all-in call.

While Polk was ahead, the flop came 8K 9. They bet $1,000 into a $4,200 pot with a 3 2 and a flush draw. Tesla increased the amount to $3,000, and Polk paid the fee. After a 4 on the turn, Tesla bet $11,000 heads-up, and Polk cashed in without hesitation.

After the 5 on the river, Tesla bet another $25,000 and Polk went all-in for $118,200. Tesla called with K 6 and once again his top pair wasn’t enough to win the pot.

The pot between @DougPolkVids and Tesla is $271,600 🤯

Doug has a flush draw against Tesla’s top pair. Can he do that on the river?

Watch the High Stakes Live:

— Lodge Card Club (@LodgePokerClub) March 17, 2024

Polk has $271,600 left in the pot. That’s not enough to get his $400,000 negative balance back under control, but at least he’s getting a little closer.

Doug Polk and the Lodge Card Club’s Marathon

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    The text describes some high-stakes poker games at the Lodge Card Club, where Doug Polk had some ups and downs. Despite winning some significant pots, Polk still has a negative balance of $400,000 to recover.

  • This text discusses Doug Polk’s recent losses in streaming table numbers and his involvement in some high-stakes poker hands at the Lodge Card Club. Despite winning a significant pot against Tesla, Polk’s overall balance is still negative, but he is gradually working towards reducing his losses.

  • This text describes a high-stakes poker game where Doug Polk made significant gains against his opponents, including winning a $271,600 pot with a flush. Despite his losses in streaming, Polk’s success in the game shows his skill and determination to recover his losses.

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