Forty concurrent tables? Sean Deeb said: “Easy.”

Forty concurrent tables? Sean Deeb said:

In the Freaky Friday reveal on 888Ride YouTube, 6 World Series of Poker bracelet owner ShaunDeeb takes a nostalgic trip back to his The glory days of online poker. This player talks about a truly amazing feat: playing on over 40 tables simultaneously during his heyday as a numbers grinder!

On the show, Dib admitted to being one of the pioneers of the art of “multi-table gaming.” to exaggerated proportions. He attributes his ability to handle this madness to his mental agility and ability to process information quickly. “Maybe it was my ADHD, but as a kid I competed in math competitions and did quick calculations. I processed information very quickly and talked very fast. At that point I just kept checking,” Deeb shared.

Shaun Deeb’s live winnings bring him to just over $12 million in earnings and six WSOP bracelets.

The player emphasized how his mental abilities gave him a unique advantage at the poker table. “I make decisions very quickly and I have a strong ability to remember my opponents’ patterns at the table. I can tell you how each player played, which hands they played and who they played against. ….. “This has gotten me to the final table. “Number one, I would bet against this, et cetera. I have a lot of ability to do that,” Deeb said.

When the interviewer asked him if he could take advantage of his opponents by playing 40 tables, Deeb gave a resounding “yes”. He revealed that he has a very different range for each player and can quickly tell who is tight and who is playing loose, who likes 3-bets and 4-bets, and uses unique strategies to stay ahead.

Deeb ended the conversation by emphasizing how he simplifies his decisions, noting that he plays more efficiently than most. “I realized I was simplifying my decisions. Later, Sit & Go players started doing this (…) I played millions of hands, while most people played 100,000 hands,” Deeb shared.

Conclusion: In addition to his online poker achievements, Deeb also announced that he will bet Bill Perkins on his 2024 body fat percentage.

Forty concurrent tables? Sean Deeb said:

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  • This text discusses professional poker player ShaunDeeb’s success in multi-table gaming and the advantages of his quick decision-making and ability to remember opponents’ playing patterns. Deeb also shares how he simplifies his decisions and highlights his intention to bet on his body fat percentage in 2024.

  • This text highlights Shaun Deeb’s impressive skills and achievements in online poker, particularly his ability to play on over 40 tables simultaneously and make quick decisions. Deeb attributes his success to his mental agility and ability to process information quickly, giving him an advantage against opponents. Additionally, it mentions his upcoming bet with Bill Perkins on his 2024 body fat percentage.

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