Joasegur Wins PokerStars Mid-Stakes Madness and Takes Victory in Rio

Joasegur Wins PokerStars Mid-Stakes Madness and Ta...

Yesterday was Day 10 of Mid-Stakes Madness presented by PokerStars. Seven new events have come to an end, with Brazil winning half of them and leading the standings. France held on to zero points, which allowed us to climb up to second place alone in the medal table.

Spanish Victory in MSM

Our only victory at the festival was that of Joasegur in the MSM-59 5 €. He won €1,779.10.

La Roja missed several one-on-ones that would have tied the score with Tuesday night’s big winner, Brazil.

Mid-Stakes Madness Overall Rankings

After 64 events, Brazil continues to dominate Rankings by Country, ahead of Spain:

Monday’s Spanish winner

La Rojawon a total of 18 MTTs. These are the Spanish winners:

  1. “killer_AA77” (PKO €5).
  2. “PRIMEBENZHA” (PKO Turbo €5).
  3. “robicig3838” (PKO €30).
  4. “sacociemo” (PKO 3€). *
  5. “arias35” (PKO €10).
  6. “Richarfish” (SuperStack €5).
  7. “murucheck” (Ultra KO €20).
  8. “flacofeivor” (PKO €50).
  9. “joasegur” (MSM-59 €5).
  10. “elvoo1970” (PKO 1€).
  11. “babyfiss” (daily Omaha €10). *
  12. “yuryell” (SuperStack €2). *”yuryell” (SuperStack €2).
  13. “babyfiss” (Omaha H/L €10). *
  14. “karkaDuRR” (bounty generator 5€).
  15. “Matador026” (SuperStack Turbo €10).
  16. “monaguillo97” (Midnight Express €20) ).
  17. panagripa1″ (PKO 1€). * “panagripa1” (PKO 1€).
  18. “CB3KALVO” (PKO 5€).

Joasegur Wins PokerStars Mid-Stakes Madness and Ta...

Comments (4)

  • It seems like Brazil has been dominating the Mid-Stakes Madness tournament, winning half of the events and leading the standings. On the other hand, France has not scored any points, allowing Spain to climb up to second place on the medal table.

  • This text provides an update on the Mid-Stakes Madness poker tournament, highlighting the success of Brazil and Spain in the events. It also mentions the standings and winners from the tournament so far.

  • It appears that Brazil is dominating the Mid-Stakes Madness tournament with Spain holding a strong position in the standings. The Spanish players have had multiple successes in various events, showcasing their skill and competitiveness.

  • It seems like Brazil is dominating in the Mid-Stakes Madness event, with Spain also performing well. Joasegur’s victory in the MSM-59 5 € event was a highlight for Spain, but they will need to step up their performance to catch up with Brazil in the overall rankings.

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