KSOP GGPoker South America: Meet the Champions

KSOP GGPoker South America Big cash; look at the w...

On Wednesday (07), the KSOP GGPoker South America brought us a lot of excitement until the final moments of the event in Riocentro. These 15 days are filled with adrenaline, great prizes and many unforgettable events around the world. Review of the championship:

#01 Top 36Winner: Bruno PortoPrice: R$ 15,000

#02 Warm-upWinner: Rodrigo AnacorettoPrice: R$ 330,000

#03 HR Mysterious One DayWinner: Felipe OlivieriPrize money: R$ 379,500

#04 FreezeWinner: Bruno PortoPrice: R$82,100

#05 Daily TurboWinner: Raphael SaadPrice: R$ 13,000

#07 Bounty HunterWinner: Madson MoraPrice: R$ 28,100

#08 Kings TurboWinner: Sergio SerranoPrice: R$ 25,000

#10 Bounty Hunter HRWinner: Felipe MojavePrice: R$587,200

Felipe Mojave

#11 Mega StackWinner: Sergei UtenkovPrice: R$66,000

#12 PLO5 6-MaxWinner: Alexander PulaPrice: R$ 42,000

#13 Daily TurboWinner: Nilton SalewaPrice: R$ 12,500

#14 Super KOWinner: Juan ManuelPrice: R$ 48,800

#16 Kings TurboWinner: Matthews RomanoPrice: R$ 23,200

#18 Progressive KOWinner: Max RouseyPrice: R$ 345,500

#19 8 gamesChampion: Legend of AlcantaraPrice: R$ 48,000

#20 Bounty King DeepstackWinner: Alesen Santos Price: R$ 37,100

#21 Daily TurboWinner: Fred KonowitzPrice: R$ 13,500

#23 Kings TurboWinner: Wendell CaddellPrice: R$ 28,500

#24 Main EventWinner: Bernardo SetPrice: R$ 2,000,000

Bernardo Sette

#25 GG Daily SpecialWinner: Fred VianaPrice: R$ 60,000

#26 Super High RollerWinner: Ezequiel WeigelPrice: R$2,000,000

#27 FreezeWinner: Douglas FonsecaPrice: R$ 190,000

#28 Ladies EventWinner: Leia MenezesPrice: R$ 22,320

#29 Daily TurboWinner: Rico PiresPrice: R$ 13,500

#30 PLO KO 6-MaxWinner: Igor ResendePrice: R$ 37,200

Igor Rezende

#31 Kings TurboWinner: Juninho BarraPrice: R$ 30,000

#32 H.O.R.S.EMaster: Juventino Cantú Price: R$ 9,000

#33 Ultra StackChampion: Little MarioPrice: R$ 66,000

#34 High Roller for a DayWinner: Carlos RoquezPrice: R$ 210,000

#35 6-MaxWinner: Matheus RochaPrice: R$ 67,000

#36 PLO5 KOWinner: Milton MartiniPrice: R$ 45,000

#37 Daily TurboWinner: Pablo LottoPrice: R$ 14,500

#38 Kings TurboWinner: Raphael SaadPrice: R$ 30,960

#39 GG Mysterious MillionaireWinner: Arthur BalestriPrice: R$121,650

#40 Monster KO 8-MaxWinner: Luciano MacchiarelliPrice: R$229,200

#41 HR PLO5 Mysterious Progressive KOWinner: David WingsPrice: R$ 562,500

#42 Mega KOWinner: Eli FagundesPrice: R$ 30,000

Eli Fagundes

#43 Daily TurboWinner: Yann MutzPrice: R$ 12,500

#44 Kings TurboChampion: “shevii2k”Price: R$ 23,000

#45 Progressive KO 6-MaxWinner: Marco AurélioPrice: R$ 125,200

#46 Seniors (48+)Winner: Ricardo TenorioPrice: R$ 55,000

#47 Omaholic SHRWinner: Pedro NevesPrice: R$ 330,000

#48 Daily TurboWinner: William CestariPrice: R$ 14,000

#49 8-MaxWinner: Admilson CostaPrice: R$ 27,500

#50 Kings TurboWinner: Tainã MelchiorPrice: R$ 32,000

#52 High Roller One DayWinner: Claudio EzequielPrice: R$190,000

#53 Deep Stack (Turbo)Winner: Guillerme RamosPrice: R$ 46,000

#54 PLO Choice 4/5 Prog KOWinner: Axel RodrigoPrice: R$67,050

#55 Daily TurboWinner: Mario MirandaPrice: R$ 9,900

#56 Kings TurboWinner: Daniel NoronhaPrice: R$ 32,000

#58 Mysterious Prog KOWinner: Gustavo HonferPrice: R$ 174,000

#59 GG Speed ​​Racer HyperWinner: William MeloPrice: R$21,000

#60 Daily TurboWinner: Thiago WendelPrice: R$ 15,800

#62 PLO5 6-MaxWinner: Pedro FelipePrice: R$ 35,000

#63 Kings TurboWinner: Daniel NoronhaPrice: R$ 32,000

#65 High Roller Prog One Day KOWinner: Ozawa AyaoPrice: R$221,500

#66 GG Daily SpecialWinner: Andre Leon Price: R$ 31,500

#67 Omaha Short DeckChampion: Hen RosílioPrice: R$12,000

#68 Turbo KO 8-MaxWinner: William CestariPrice: R$ 58,600

#69 Daily TurboWinner: Vinicius de SouzaPrice: R$ 18,000

#70 Kings TurboWinner: Felipe ManzurPrice: R$ 27,000

#71 GG 1 millionWinner: Marcus SouzaPrice: R$157,500

#72 High Roller One Day TournamentWinner: Thomas KylePrice: R$ 182,500

#73 Turbo KO 7-MaxWinner: Ricardo LoyolaPrice: R$ 57,000

#74 Daily TurboChampion: Bruno BressanPrice: R$ 12,100

#75 Hybrid PLO Omaha Hi-Low 7-MaxWinner: Eric RasmussenPrice: R$ 16,500

#76 Kings TurboWinner: Leandro AndreazaPrice: R$ 27,000

#79 NLH KO 8-Max TurboWinner: Master FelipePrice: R$ 18,000

#80 High RollerWinner: Simon DiasPrice: R$ 670,000

#82 Daily TurboWinner: Federico LumpfingerPrice: R$ 14,500

#83 Main Event LightingWinner: Jose Artu RicciPrice: R$ 137,000

José Artur Ricci

#84 Kings Turbo Winner: Jorge PetronirioPrice: R$ 25,000

#85 Mysterious Monster KOWinner: Julian PinedaPrice: R$401,000

#87 GG Masters Freezeout TurboWinner: Leonardo DinizPrice: R$ 12,000

#88 Daily TurboWinner: Valdir CampodelPrice: R$ 13,250

#89 5 ticketsWinner: Paolo TassoPrice: R$ 7,100

#90 Kings TurboWinner: Carlos SanguinettiPrice: R$25,300

#92 HR LightWinner: Fernando GutierrezPrice: R$ 210,000

#93 NHL 8MaxWinner: Anthony TamperinPrice: R$ 40,000

#94 Freezeout KOWinner: Eduardo SilvaPrice: R$ 70,000

#95 Daily TurboWinner: Cláudio RochaPrice: R$ 12,900

#96 GG ExperienceWinner: Diego PandorfPrice: R$ 39,500

#97 Kings TurboChampion: Raphael TakedaPrice: R$ 38,000

#98 Mega KOChampion: Raphael TakedaPrice: R$ 53,000

#99 Deep StackWinner: Celso SirtoliPrice: R$ 50,000

#100 GG Last Chance TurboWinner: Wilson CapellgianiPrize money: R$ 35,000

KSOP GGPoker South America Big cash; look at the w...

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  • This text is a detailed recap of the KSOP GGPoker South America event, highlighting the winners and prize money awarded in each tournament. It is clear that the event was filled with excitement and attracted a wide range of participants. The text provides a comprehensive overview of the various tournaments and the impressive amounts of prize money awarded, showcasing the competitive nature of the event. Overall, it seems like a successful and thrilling series of events for poker enthusiasts in South America.

  • This text seems to be a reporting on a series of poker tournaments that took place in South America, specifically the KSOP GGPoker South America event. It lists the winners of various tournaments and the prize money they won. It gives a detailed account of the different events that took place and the excitement that was experienced throughout the 15-day event. For poker enthusiasts, this text would likely be interesting and informative.

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