Leizzarrague wins High Godzilla

Leizzarrague wins High Godzilla

After two days of play, the 300K High Godzilla at Madero Poker concluded in the early hours of Wednesday morning and was defined by the title Diego Leizzarrague.

Last day continues It took 15 hours until Leizzarrague came out victorious and beat Alan Raymundo in a heads-up match for $4,293,894, taking home the$7,060,815 grand prize. Meanwhile, Pablo Faraldo rounded out the podium with $2,870,250.

This is the Premium Final Table Godzilla 300K.

The $300,000 buy-in tournament featured 86 entries and distributed $22,962,000 among the top 13 players. The prize pool is for Ignacio Assef, who eliminated the tournament’s bubble.

Final Table Formed before the dinner break, so the nine finalists headed to dinner and back for a grueling battle that ended with Leizzarrague’s crowning.

Preceded by Eduardo Acosta (10th, $516,645), Agustin Lordi (11th, $470,721) and Diego Justo has cashed in(12th, $470,721) and Jorge Gonzalez(13th, $447,759) has lost.

High Godzilla 300K

Buy-in: $300,000

Entries: 86

Pot: $22,962,000Final Ranking

1. Diego Lezzarag – $7,060,8152. Allen Raimondo – $4,293,8943° Pablo Faraldo – $2,870,2504° Lionel Inko – $1,997,6745° Christian Gongora – $1,481,0496° Diego Penoni – $1,148,1007° Esequiel Ordoñez – $895,5188° Sergio Castellano – $711,8229° Roberto Oscar Fortunato – $597,01210° Eduardo Acosta – $516,64511°Augustin Lodi – $470,72112° Diego Justo – $470,72113. Jorge Gonzalez – $447,759

Leizzarrague wins High Godzilla

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  • Leslie.hoeger

    This text is reporting on the conclusion of the 300K High Godzilla poker tournament, in which Diego Leizzarrague emerged as the champion and won a prize of $7,060,815. The tournament featured a substantial prize pool of $22,962,000 and attracted 86 entries.

  • This text provides a summary of the final results of the 300K High Godzilla tournament at Madero Poker. It mentions the winner, Diego Leizzarrague, and the prize money distributed among the top players. Overall, it highlights the competitive nature and high stakes of the tournament.

  • Merritt.effertz

    I think this text is reporting on a high-stakes poker tournament with a significant prize pool. It seems like it was a competitive final table with a big payout for the winner, Diego Leizzarrague.

  • Boyer.elisabeth

    This text describes the High Godzilla poker tournament where Diego Leizzarrague emerged as the victor, winning $7,060,815. The tournament had a buy-in of $300,000 and featured a total of 86 entries, with a prize pool of $22,962,000 distributed among the top 13 players.

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