ME WSOP Day 8 Results

Pridrick marks fifth ME WSOP and other World Serie...

The main plot – who will be the new 2023 World Series champion – will be resolved tonight. Unless, of course, a repeat of the 10-plus hour heads-up match between Tony Miles and John Cynn in 2018.

Three players remain in the tournament, Jones Stevens, Adam Walton and Daniel Weinman. Determining the winner is sure to be tedious and impressive. The stacks are pretty deep: the short stack is 83BBs and the chip leader is 119BBs.

The hope of the entire Russian-speaking community – Ukrainian Ruslan Pridrik – came fifth. Despite being short-stacked, he missed several key pei jumps and lost the tournament pre-flop.

Ruslan bets on Weinman. The flop brought two cards to the American: . Only one of the four kings on deck helped the Ukrainians. The turn came – slightly increasing Ruslan’s chances of strengthening and doubling down to a full house, but the river was . This concludes our players’ participation in the WSOP.

Ruslan’s poker tournament winnings are just over $500,000 for a total prize pool of $2,400,000.

“Entry for Life” or $200,000?

When the WSOP was announced, organizers promised $10,000 worth of “lifetime entry” to the Main Event. However, the “lifespan” isn’t that long – you can play the game for free for 30 years. The draw is simple: Organizers choose a main event participant at random. It turned out to be Canadian Jason Clark, who didn’t make it into the event’s awards.

Now he can play in the main game of the World Series for free until 2053, provided he lives another 30 years. This award cannot be transferred, given or exchanged for cash.

There has been a lot of discussion on social media about this topic. Specifically, given the choice, what would the winner choose: 30 years of free Main Event or $200,000 in cash. Judging by the votes, not everyone is convinced that the ME WSOP will make it to the ITM – over 60% would opt for cash.

Pridrick marks fifth ME WSOP and other World Serie...

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  • This text provides information about the ongoing World Series of Poker tournament and the dilemma faced by the winner to choose between 30 years of free entry to the Main Event or $200,000 in cash. It also mentions the disappointment of a participant and the preferences of the majority for the cash prize over the lifetime entry.

  • The text provides details about the ongoing World Series tournament and the decision faced by the winner between 30 years of free entry or $200,000 in cash. It also highlights the preference of over 60% of people for the cash prize over lifetime entry.

  • Jensen.macejkovic

    I think the text provides a detailed and interesting overview of the World Series of Poker tournament, including the potential rewards and decisions faced by the players. The discussion about choosing between 30 years of free entry or $200,000 in cash adds an intriguing element to the narrative.

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