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Strategy Mano 2 - NachoAce's Blog

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This is this week’s analysis. On the other hand, you can’t miss analysis either.

Hello everyone! I played about 8300 hands today, almost all at 200 NL, and a little bit at 400 NL. It still runs smoothly, no surprises.

Pot Limit Hold’em, $4.00 BB (7 Players)

CO ($400) )NachoAce (Button) ($426.20) )SB ($179.95)BB ($400)UTG ($416)MP1 ($400)MP2 ($592.40) Preflop: NachoAce This is the button, 5 times, 44 folds,

this hand wanted to fold on the button, so I decided to raise and steal the money.

NachoAce bet $8, 1x, BB called $4Flop: ($18 ) 2, 3, 8 (2 players)

BB checked, flopped The cards gave us a straight draw, so I decided to go ahead and bet.

NachoAce bet $12, BB raised to $36,

BB check-raised the flop. This player has a 59% fold rate and a 12% raise rate when betting out of position. That’s a pretty high percentage, but not too high… If I got a check-raise, I think I’d probably play a strong hand like a pair, a set, a pair, or just a bluff in my hand . The thing is, in one game I had 8 outs (4 aces and 4 sixes). This would give me an immediate success rate of about 32%. When I face a set, my chances of winning decrease because if the hand is folded, I always lose. One option is to raise again, but if I raise, I’m faced with a difficult decision. Let’s say I raise to $100 and go all-in. If I fold, I lose 25% of my stack for free, if I pay (which I think I will), my stack is (optimistically) 32%. Since we both had 100 BB on the table (i.e. the max pot was $800), and there was only $66 in the pot so far, I decided to “just play” and see what the turn would bring and how my opponents would react.

NachoAce called $24Turn: ($90) Ace (2 players)

The turn card is unbeatable! This brings us to a straight up, top matchup on the table right now.

BB bets $64,

My opponent bets again, just over two-thirds of the pot. The thing is, there’s a lot of money left and even though I have a top game, it’s a fragile game. For example, if a third diamond appears or a card doubles, my game is no longer as powerful as it is now. That’s why I decided to try All-In. The only downside to raising is that my opponent might not have a strong hand or, for example, have a pair that might be scared by the ace on the table. Regardless, I decided to risk a smaller win rather than let the river show for free, and it remains to be determined how much I should raise. Since I wanted to go all-in, I tripled his original bet (a little more). This means he had to pay $135 for a total pot bonus of $353. If he has a set or even a double pair (such as A8), it will be difficult to pass. However, since this is an average player, he knows that the remaining $157 is going to the river, and if he decides to call and go all-in, he will likely do so. NachoAce raised to $199, BB raised to $356 (all-in), and NachoAce called to $157.

River: ($802) 5 (2 players, 1 all-in) Total Pot: $802 Commission:$3

Result:NachoAce has 5, 4 (straight, five high). BB has 8, 8 (three, eight). Result: NachoAce won $799

Strategy Mano 2 - NachoAce's Blog

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  • The text appears to be a detailed analysis of a poker hand played by the author, NachoAce. It provides insights into the author’s decision-making process, strategies, and observations during the game.

  • Simonis.dariana

    The text is a detailed analysis of a poker hand played by the author, NachoAce. It provides insights into their decision-making process and strategic thinking during the game.

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