The WCOOP round brings us to the PLO, consisting of Kaju, Lautaro, and Sergi Reixach.

The WCOOP round brings us to the PLO, consisting o...

With approximately 72 hours left until the World Championship of Online Poker 2023, the outcome of the Main Event must be clear.

The weekend ended with a podium finish for “Granter7777”, one of the best Spanish players in the entire WCOOP. He was born on Sunday and is looking forWCOOP 90-H Deepstack $1,050FT,264 participants.

The final table is tough and we are looking for two contestants: “Granter7777” himself and “wisopekeño!” (6th place , $11,896). Simon Mattson was unable to keep the remaining Spaniards away from the top three, finishing ahead ofEder Campana, but there were still two runners alive, Alexandros Theologis “Pwndidi” and “Tr!pleeeeeee”It was too much for the Spaniard(3rd place, $28,286).

Already in a busy international tournament Sergi Reixach was the star of the Spanish team as a Pokerstars customer on Sunday.

The Catalan received a wink from the poker gods that convinced him that It’s going to be a great day. ..

Today was a great day, the power went out during the break and then came back on before we continued playing. I won them all today line had two final tables, but he had few options other than sixth.

Sergi Continuing to try out all the main events and there’s still an open front I could see him finishing the weekend with. Now that Sergi has given us a clue, we start the WCOOP circuit.

WCOOP 96 – H Sunday kicks off $530 (930 40 of the players): 2. “GandalfMR”, 22. “OhMyCat 48o! “. (Winner will receive $76,445).

WCOOP 97-M Sunday Warm-up $215 (40 of 930 players): 56. “PAAdentr00! ! ! “. ($41,807 + winner bonus).

WCOOP 97-H Sunday Warm-up $2,100 (16 of 307 players): 3rd place. “B4NKR0LL3R”. ($41,807 + winner bonus).

Before we get into the Main Event, it should be noted that all but the PLO-Lo level The events are still Registration open until the start of Day 2. The competition lasts three days and there is still a lot of work to be done, but it is worth mentioning that PLO has given all guarantees As in all Texas Hold’em – it is possible for tournaments to overlap.

PLO has a good reputation among tournament halls and is becoming increasingly popular in Spain, thanks to Ka Kwan Lau and Lautaro Guerra They continue to dominate the poker world. Stand out from the crowd. The most important four card event in the world, both online and live. This WCOOP is no exception and we are all vying for the High School and Mid Double crowns. They always outdo themselves, even if Their bar is very high.

WCOOP 98-L Main Event $109 (6,595 of 24,955 players): #1 Spanish player: 145. “elnavas1”.

WCOOP 98-M Main Event $1,050 (1,309 of 4,002 players): Highest-ranked Spaniard: 15. “Nacho124441”.

WCOOP 98 – H WC NLHE Main Event $10,300 (199 of 534 players): 25. “vicenfish”, 57. “Danipesis”, 80. ” No Me Tiembla”, 82. “estoygordoyk”, 110. “Granter7777”, 125. “Malaka$tyle “, 142.” Nacho124441″, 188. “Amadi_017”.

WCOOP 100-L PLO Main Event $109 (321 of 2,340 players name): Best place Spaniard: 245. “danipesis”.

WCOOP 100-M PLO Main Event $1,050 (121 of 506 players): 3rd, “#Naktro91”, 33rd, “kaju85 ”, no. 117. “srxakgirona”.

PLO Main Event WCOOP 100-H WC $10,300 (18 79 players): 4th place, “#Naktro91”, 13th place, “kaju85”.

The WCOOP round brings us to the PLO, consisting o...

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  • This text provides information about the World Championship of Online Poker 2023, highlighting the performance of Spanish players and their rankings in various events. It also mentions the popularity and success of Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) tournaments in Spain.

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    This text provides an overview of the World Championship of Online Poker, highlighting the performances of various Spanish players and their rankings in different events. It also mentions the popularity of Pot-Limit Omaha tournaments and the dominance of Ka Kwan Lau and Lautaro Guerra in the poker world.

  • This text provides a detailed update on the recent results and standings of Spanish poker players in the World Championship of Online Poker 2023. It highlights notable performances, upcoming events, and the popularity of Pot Limit Omaha among players. It showcases the competitive nature and success of Spanish players in the online poker world.

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