Thomas Santerne had a magical Tuesday, earning $1 million

EPT Paris Super HR winner, forced retirement, GGMi...

Sometimes a poker player will see that everything goes well, and this will remain in his memory forever. That’s what happened to Frenchman Thomas Santerne this Tuesday, in a rather unusual situation between EPT Paris and GGMillion$ High Rollers, GGPoker’s most coveted high-stakes tournament.

Thomas last played in the High Roller on Sunday, day one of the €50,000 Super Event, choosing between live and online multi-table action. At the same time, the two-time GGMillion$ champion also signed up to participate in the online competition. In a virtual sense, he’s eligible for Tuesday’s playoff game. Then an incredible coincidence happened.

Santerne enters the final day of the most expensive event of the EPT Paris and is one of the finalists. Play started at 8am and continued into the afternoon, and to keep him in the mood, the online final table began with a valuable heads-up matchup with Chris Brewer, which Thomas had to miss.

Everything went well for the Frenchman on the field and he managed to overtake Brewer to claim his dream Super High Roller title and €889,480 in prize money. However, after the photo and interview process, the player came back to try to win the title online and gained 6 BBS.

The Frenchman held on, folding into JJ and entering the game as the always-skipping decision maker. All this persistence led to incredible achievements. Thomas made an incredible comeback, finishing second in the GGMillion$ High Roller.

He lost the title to Pedro Neves, who recently had a stellar showing at the KSOP GGPoker SA. The prize for second place is $225,709. When you add the two wins together, the insane routine the pro faced earned him over $1 million.

EPT Paris Super HR winner, forced retirement, GGMi...

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    I think the text describes an impressive and memorable moment for Thomas Santerne as a poker player, showcasing his skill and determination. His success in both the live and online tournaments earning him over $1 million is truly impressive.

  • This text describes the impressive accomplishments of French poker player Thomas Santerne, who managed to win both a Super High Roller title and finish second in a GGMillion$ High Roller event on the same day. His perseverance and skill earned him over $1 million in prize money, showcasing his talent and dedication to the game.

  • This text tells the story of French poker player Thomas Santerne’s incredible achievement of winning a Super High Roller title at EPT Paris and finishing second in the GGMillion$ High Roller tournament on the same day. His persistence and skill led to winnings totaling over $1 million, showcasing his impressive talent in the high-stakes poker world.

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