WCOOP: Fabiano Takes Second Place in ME Medium 2nd Chance

Fabiano Kovalski wins the WCOOP Medium 2nd Chance...

Monday was a busy day at the WCOOP, with some Brazilian results recorded in the PokerStars Series. For example, Fabiano Kovalski, a co-owner of the Samba Poker team, received a very generous bonus in the series.

He received a great deal on his “Kovalski1” account in Event #103-M. , the pricey Second Chance Main Event, which cost $530 and had 871 participants. Heads-up, Fabiano Kovalski won $49,379.

In #97-M event ($215 Sunday run), Edilson Júnior (aka “Dangerzinn”) finished second out of 3,397 participants. He received $47,419. In the same event, “krabinalouco” (4th – $21,534) and Bruno Ikeda “SCCPdk” (5th – $15,670) were finalists.

Finally, Pedro Garagnani (or “pvigar”) won Event #104-H: $1,050 Turbo Freezeout from a field of 228 entries. The three-time WCOOP champion now has $44,494 in winnings.

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Event Player Place Price

WCOOP 103-L: $55 NLH ME No. Second Chance Júlio Steffen “17Neffets_br” 1st Place $43,093 WCOOP 96-M: $55 Thauan Velasco “Velasconobad” 1st Place $35,095 on Sunday $35,095 WCOOP SIDE Event: 320 NLHE 8-MAX PKO RENAN BRUSCHI $320 NLHE RENAN BRUSCHI PLECE $286 $ 286-286-286-286-286-286. $55 Sunday opener Gilberto Roncatto “msgiba” 2nd place $24,626 WCOOP 96-H: $530 Sunday opener Pedro Padilha “PaDiLhA SP” 5th place $20,855 WCOOP Edition: Bounty Generator US$215 João Mathias Baumgarten “joaoMathias” 1st place 1st US$19,170 WCOOP 103-M: $530 NLH ME Second Chance Breno Bertalia “BLEFE GOD” 5th US$18,685 WCOOP 96-H: US$530 Sunday Kickoff Peter Patrício “pitaoufmg” 6. $15,072 WCOOP Edition: $11 Sunday Storm “burakostmz” 1. $12,747 WCOOP 96-H: $530 Sunday Kickoff Edílson Júnior “EdilsonRTJ” 7. $10,892 WCOOP 103-M: 530 NLH ME 2. Chance Álvaro Pinheiro ” writeUrstory” 7. $9,494 WCOOP Edition: $11 Sunday Storm “Madeuz1n” 2. $9,138 WCOOP Edition: $530 Bounty Builder HR “peposo447” 5. $8,911 WCOOP 104-M: $109 Turbo Freeze Pedro Reis “phcrf” 5th Place $7,775 55 Daily Supersonics Gustavo Ornellas “mertholstar” 1 7,678 Bounty Generator $44 Rafael Low Ila “sansaorafael” 1st place $7,246 22 Mini Sunday Million “Eulerft” 3rd place 6,837 $ WCOOP 103-M: $530 NLH ME Second Chance Rodrigo Seiji “seijistar” 8th place $6,768 WCOOP Edition: Big $109 Lucas Cubas “skywalker.gl” 5th Place $6,230 WCOOP 104-M: $109 Turbo Freeze Ricardo Rocha “rickyibrah45” 6. $5,542 Bounty Generator $44 Gustavo Díaz “gustavoodias” ” 2. $5,402 Bruno Volkmann “great dant” 8. US $5,056

Fabiano Kovalski wins the WCOOP Medium 2nd Chance...

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  • This text provides a summary of the results and winnings of Brazilian players in various events at the WCOOP PokerStars Series. It highlights the success of players such as Fabiano Kovalski and Edilson Júnior, as well as other finalists. Overall, it showcases the skill and achievements of Brazilian players in the tournament.

  • The text provides a detailed account of the Brazilian participants’ achievements in the WCOOP poker series, showcasing their success and the generous bonuses they received. The inclusion of specific names and winnings adds credibility and depth to the information being presented.

  • It appears that Brazilian players had a successful day at the WCOOP, with multiple participants achieving impressive results and cash prizes in various events. The strong performances of these players showcase the talent and skill within the Brazilian poker community.

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