WSOP Brazil: Leonardo Nishitani wins PLO title

Leonardo Nishitani is PLO Ring Championship Overal...

Another WSOP Brazilian champion was crowned Tuesday in the PLO Ring Championship. The two-day competition was “lightning-fast” and ended in just one day. In the end, it was Nit Poker Team expert Leonardo Nishitani who emerged victorious.

Leonardo hails from Campos Dos Goytacazes and focuses more on cash games, having made a short trip to town from Rio de Janeiro. Janeiro is looking for a ring in the championship series. The results are here! He beat 70 entrants in the R$2,000 buy-in tournament to win R$56,000 and the coveted gemstone.

“It’s very important to me.” At the moment I’m not in the tournament chasing rings or trophies, at the moment I have to have two or three trophies. I haven’t played many games and a ring means a lot, it’s every player’s dream. This is crucial for cash game players and it satisfies ego and other needs. We cash game players don’t have that because it’s more of a tournament player thing, reputation and stuff like that,” the champion said. Read more: Eduardo Fontenele talks about his career, the importance of Team Arrocha and his role in Team Arrocha The first experience of the WSOP Brazil

The player met some big names on his way to the championship. For example, in the final table, Rafael Telles, Rafhael Ramos, Lucio Antunes, Rogério Mota , Pedro Todorovic, Daniel Motta, Tales Alcântara and João Victor Boucinha were all eliminated.

“So it was a great tournament and we had an average of 60 big blinds. We looked at over 100 big blinds in cash games and I got this chip. The stacks were small and the final table went smoothly. Relations between these men were very strained due to high wage increases. Very high from the third to the second. By the 3rd hand, I was opening almost every hand, putting a lot of pressure on myself. I went into heads-up play, “5-1 up, and it was almost over, and it only took a few hands,” he said.

As a Nit Poker Team player, this kind of success is special to you. This was the period in Leonardo’s career when he reached the highest limits of cash games. He also thanked his friend, team coach Keck and his family:

“They are very important. I started playing for him when I played PLO400 and today I play PLO 3K. It has always been sailing .”I’ve been my head coach for a long time. Having a team present is important and sets the stage for where you go to study. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents who have supported me throughout my career and the people at Nit who gave me the opportunity to step into the mic and today I played the most expensive extreme. ”

View full awards:

1. Place – Leonardo Nishitani – R$56,000

Second place. Place – João Victor Boucinha – R$40,000

Third place. Location – Tales Alcântara – R$26,000

4 – Daniel Motta – R$20,000

5. – Pedro Todorovic – R$15,500

6. – Rogerio Motta – R$11,850

7. – Lucio Antunes – R$9,350

8. – Rafhar Ramos – R$ 7,250

9. – Rafael Telles – R$ 5,550

Leonardo Nishitani is PLO Ring Championship Overal...

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  • This text highlights the success of Brazilian poker player Leonardo Nishitani in the WSOP PLO Ring Championship, showcasing his strategic gameplay and determination to win. The detailed account of his journey, from facing tough opponents to achieving victory, underscores the importance of teamwork and support in his career.

  • This text highlights the success of Brazilian poker player Leonardo Nishitani in winning the WSOP PLO Ring Championship. His journey to victory, including defeating notable players in the final table, showcases the skill and determination required in the competitive world of poker tournaments.

  • I think the text highlights the success of Brazilian poker player Leonardo Nishitani in winning the WSOP PLO Ring Championship. His focus on cash games and dedication to improving with the support of his team and family is inspiring. His victory is a testament to his skill and determination in the poker world.

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